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The Three Foundations for Providing Feedback to Employees

By Joseph Fusco Sometimes, we just call it feedback — a performance review, a disciplinary action, a pat on the back — and simply leave it at... Continue Reading

Voluntourism: Navigating Service Abroad

In the past two decades, a new kind of travel, voluntourism, has taken learning opportunities to the next level. With this service-based travel, travelers venture abroad to... Continue Reading

UVM’s Farmer Training Program Promotes Careers in Agriculture

Julia Cosgrove thought she would become a research scientist after college. But her career plans changed after joining the UVM Farmer Training Program. Cosgrove, who earned a... Continue Reading

Is the Local Food Movement Creating More Jobs?

The United States Department of Agriculture announced Monday that it will spend $52 million to support local and regional food systems and encourage research on organic farming.... Continue Reading

The Importance of Cultural Diversity in Health Care

As America undergoes health care reform, it’s important to consider what “universal access” means in a country undergoing significant demographic change. For health care experts like Patricia... Continue Reading