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Worried about Ebola? Here are 6 More Pressing Health Issues in Vermont

When you hear public health news these days, chances are the focus will be on Ebola. That’s understandable, given the high death rate, the rapid spread of... Continue Reading

Vermont EMS Personnel Train and Coordinate Ebola Response Plan

First responders and EMTs from South Hero to Charlotte to Vergennes are taking the necessary steps to prepare for Ebola. As Gov. Peter Shumlin announced last week... Continue Reading

More Precollege Program Students are Choosing UVM for Undergraduate Study

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Self Leadership is More than a Formality

By Rachel DiGiammarino If you’re looking in the right places, such as Forbes, Huffington Post, TED, Harvard Business Review, NPR and the like, there is a heightened... Continue Reading

Where to Go if You’re Spending a Weekend in London

By Sarah Reid For the past five years, I’ve worked as the Teaching Assistant on UVM’s London Stage program, a 3-credit two week summer course dedicated to... Continue Reading