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Continuing Education on His Terms: Cannabis Brings Ricky Chagnon Back to School

A certificate in cannabis plant biology provides one student with a leg up as he transitions to a career in the cannabis industry.

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Why Not Complete the Whole Certificate? Alison Spasyk Goes All in on GIS at UVM.

Through UVM’s GIS Professional Certificate program, students get hands-on learning experience with ArcGIS, the industry-standard geographic analysis software.

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Tracking Down Vermont’s Endangered Plant Species with GIS

A geospatial computation course at UVM gave Rachel Tobler the opportunity to use spatial data to show why conserving land is key to the survival of endangered plants in Vermont.

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UVM Cannabis Research Helps Farmers Grow High-Quality Hemp More Efficiently

UVM cannabis researchers are exploring how soil quality, nutrient needs, and variety selection impact the production of hemp.

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UVM Online Course Explores Food and Social Justice in Oaxaca

The food of Oaxaca is as diverse as the region’s geography, ecosystems, languages, and people.  The choices people make about food in this region—or anywhere—can also shed light on what’s happening politically, socially, and economically. UVM instructor Oliver Froehling, who has lived in Oaxaca since 1996, says what people eat represents a confluence of power, […]

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Heather Kraemer Plants the Seed for a Farm-Based Brewery

Heather Kraemer is brewing beer with lemon balm and basil grown in her garden. In the future, she hopes to add fruit, perennials, and wild edibles to the mix. Ultimately, she plans to operate a farm-based brewery in Vermont’s Champlain Islands. Kraemer, who completed the UVM Farmer Training Program in 2018, moved from Alaska to […]

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Author Jonathan Safran Foer Joins UVM for George D. Aiken Lecture Series

As an award-winning novelist and not a climate scientist, Jonathan Safran Foer may seem like an unusual person to be giving advice as to how Americans can help to combat climate change. Like many, the author was struggling to find ways to make a positive impact on the environment on the individual level. As he […]

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Homage to Fromage: UVM Launches New Artisan Cheese & Sensory Fundamentals Professional Certificate

Sales of specialty food items—those foods considered to be made from high-quality ingredients and produced in small quantities—increased 10.7% to a record $158.4 billion between 2017 and 2019—three times faster than the entire food and beverage industry—with cheese securing the position of highest retail sales. However, with COVID-19 cancelling some of our more pleasureful activities, […]

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Oregon Consultant Charlotte Morrow Helps Cannabis Growers Become Energy Efficient

Charlotte Morrow was eager for more well-rounded conversations with indoor growers. Morrow is a project manager for Evergreen Consulting Group in Oregon, which focuses on light efficiency for utilities. When cannabis became legalized in the Pacific Northwest, local utilities found that indoor growers were using a significant energy load. In 2019, Morrow enrolled in the […]

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Shaileen Swan Discovers the Joy and Healing of Farming

Shaileen Swan understands the healing power of farming. While she worked as a senior recreation therapist at a psychiatric facility in Syracuse, New York, Swan helped patients grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers in a small courtyard. The sense of community and pride that the garden instilled for patients was enough for Swan to realize she […]

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