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High School Students Dig into Agroecology at UVM Summer Academy

A new Summer Academy course creates the opportunity for high school students to dig into issues surrounding climate change, healthy food, and social justice.

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Make the Transition from High School to College Easier with Summer Academy

High school students utilize UVM’s Summer Academy to experience college life on campus while gaining credit and easing the transition into college.

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How Summer Academy Helped Wren Tsao Prepare for College Life at UVM

First-year student Wren Tsao shares how UVM’s summer academy program helped them prepare for college before the semester even started.

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How Do Pre-College Programs Help Students in the College Admissions Process?

UVM Director of Admissions Moses Murphy talks about how taking a pre-college course or program can help high school students demonstrate academic initiative and help clarify a student’s prospective major.

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UVM Summer Academy Instructor Andrew Frost Shares Tips for Creating Better Photographs

High school students can learn how to become better photographers. Summer Academy professor shares beginner tips for photography.

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Pre-College Program at UVM Helps High School Students Choose a Major

Choosing a college major just got a little easier with the help of Pre-College Programs at the University of Vermont.

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Summer Academy at UVM Helped Prepare Ayden Carpenter for College

Taking a pre-college course while still in high school helped Ayden Carpenter build relationships with professors at UVM and solidify his career path.

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Pre-College Programs Can Ease Anxiety for High School Students

It might come as a surprise that taking a college English class as a high school junior would ease anxiety about college, but for one Vermont high school student, that’s exactly what happened.  When South Burlington High School junior Julia Sides reviewed her course load with her school counselor, she explored how to satisfy credits […]

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Summer Academy Storytelling with Photography Course Gave Mish Wilson a Jump on Her College Experience

Summer Academy course at the University of Vermont gave Jamaican born Mish Wilson a jump start on her college experience at UVM.

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Brag-worthy: Pre-College Courses Help Your College Application Shine

High school student can learn how to use pre-college courses to build a brag sheet for their college applications.

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