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UVM Cannabis Programs to Shed Light on Psilocybin

Students in the Cannabis Science and Medicine and Cannabis Plant Biology online certificate programs at UVM will learn about the compounds from mushrooms, the acute and chronic effects of psilocybin, factors that influence psilocybin pharmacology, and more. Psilocybin, the active ingredient found in mushrooms, is a Schedule 1 drug designated by the U.S. Drug Enforcement […]

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UVM Announces 2021 Public Health Award Winners for Academic Excellence, Service, and Achievement

Stephanie Stead, Heidi Westermann, and Mariana Wingood are the UVM Master of Public Health award recipients for 2021. Stead received the Academic Excellence Award, Westermann the Linda Dorey Service to Public Health Award, and Wingood the Achievement in Public Health Practice Award. UVM Master of Public Health (MPH) faculty nominated the annual public health award […]

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Home Funerals and Green Burials Empower Individuals at End of Life

As a leader in the funeral reform movement, an end-of-life doula, and a hospice volunteer for nearly 40 years, Lee Webster has long been an advocate for home funerals. But it wasn’t until her own mother died that Webster was able to fully appreciate the value of a funeral at home. “It’s actually less complicated. […]

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When it Comes to Cannabis Extraction, Starting at the End is Key to Success

John MacKay, Ph.D. says there’s an assumption out there that cannabis grows and some vague magical thing happens to the plant. Somehow—voila—the cannabis oil-based product is ready to be plucked from the store shelf. “Somewhere along the way, you have people who know how to grow cannabis and people who know how to sell it,” […]

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Changing Careers: The Path from Sommelier to Public Health

Public health as a career option has been thrust into limelight over the last year and half because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. But for many people, like recent UVM Master of Public Health alumni, Emily Belanger, making the transition to a position in public health seemed like a leap. Today, after successfully completing her master’s […]

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New Occupational Therapy Degree Fills Need for Career Changers

A toddler struggling with fine motor skills proudly threads beads onto a string.  After a stroke and trouble with movement, a pianist joyfully plays their favorite piece again. A bicyclist kept from riding due to pain and emotional trauma from a car crash feels ready to pedal again.  Imagine witnessing these transformative events and being the person […]

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Pallas Ziporyn Balances Work, Family, and a Passion for Public Health

Pallas Ziporyn and her classmates were sleep-deprived in high school. The morning bell at her high school in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, rang at 7:17 a.m. That meant students would set their alarms for as early as 5 a.m. to arrive at school on time. Seeking a healthier solution, Ziporyn decided to take action. She […]

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Death Doulas Create Shift from Avoidance to Awareness About End of Life

Many people are afraid of talking about and preparing for their own death, but Francesca Arnoldy doesn’t think you need to be one of them. She is a death doula and the creator of UVM’s End of Life Doula Professional Certificate. Her work enables her to companion people through their end-of-life journey as a non-medical […]

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How Global Public Health Careers Help Make a Difference

“Global health is about improving the health of communities worldwide.” Dr. Kelsey Gleason Working in global public health offers the opportunity to help vulnerable populations and improve the health of communities around the world.   Global public health careers can range from assisting a region devastated by an environmental catastrophe to researching for a government agency, […]

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Language Arts Teacher Finds Opportunity to Fulfill her Passion for Animals in End-of-Life Care

Emily Wills, a middle school language arts teacher, considers herself a lifelong learner. When she was faced with the loss of her beloved golden retriever in February 2020, she realized that she had a lot to learn about end-of-life care for animals. That curiosity led her to UVM’s Companion Animal End-of-Life Doula Professional Certificate program. […]

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