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Cannabis Faculty Member Publishes Comprehensive Report on Delta-8 THC

UVM Cannabis Research Assistant Professor Linda Klumpers, Ph.D., has published the first peer-reviewed article on delta-8 THC pharmacology, a psychoactive compound derived from cannabis.

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The Art of Active Listening

Learn how to be an active listener as part of UVM’s Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate program.

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Instructor Heather Caulfield Guides Students to Explore the Gray Areas of Death

Meet Heather Caulfield, an instructor in UVM’s End-of-Life Doula program where students learn about everything from palliative care and hospice to ethics and grief. 

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Philosophy Major Turned Post-Bacc Pre-Med Student Shares Tips for Success

Andrew Scherffius majored in philosophy in college and caught up on the required pre-med courses through UVM’s Post-Bacc Pre-Medical program before applying to med school.

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Why Starting a Post-Bacc in Summer is a Smart Move

Summer courses include a tuition discount and scholarships are available for post-bacc pre-med students at UVM.

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How to Improve Your Skills for Nursing

Jobs for nurses are expected to increase 9% over the next decade. Check out these 5 tips to improve your skills for nursing and prepare you for a career in healthcare.

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Changing Careers: The Path from Public Relations to Nurse Practitioner

UVM Post-Bacc Pre-Medical alumni Shane Phipps chose to make a career change to medicine after a Nurse Practitioner helped to save his wife and infant son.

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9 Tips to Help You Prep for a Virtual Interview 

By Heather Palow The Coronavirus pandemic has shifted many positions online or hybrid which has led to virtual interviews becoming a necessity when looking for a new job. The best way to be successful during your next virtual interview (and really any interview) is proper preparation. From ensuring your technology is working to conducting research […]

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How One Woman Found a Fulfilling Retirement Job as a Death Doula

A few years before Sherry Burns retired from her job as a director at a large medical software company, she began imagining how she would stay busy in retirement.  Burns has always been fascinated with death and in understanding the many ideas about it that vary widely by culture.  In her twenties, she entered a […]

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How to Get Research Experience Before Applying to Med School

A high GPA is not the only requirement for medical school. Learn how you can gain research experience before applying to med school.

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