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An End of Life Doula Wants to Change the Conversation Around Death and Dying

Margaret Phenix knows first-hand that the way we handle death is all wrong. People don’t talk about death and dying, she says, and there’s often pressure for the bereaved to move on too quickly. “The whole way we look at death in this society doesn’t work, and we live in such a death-denying society,” says […]

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Ian McHale Works Toward a Career in Public Health and Pediatrics

Ian McHale is happiest when he’s working face-to-face with pediatric patients. The UVM alumnus earned his bachelor’s degree in biology in 2017 and completed the UVM Accelerated Master of Public Health program the following year. He’s now a clinical research coordinator for the Office of Clinical Trials Research at the UVM Larner College of Medicine. […]

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A Psychologist Turns to UVM’s Medical Cannabis Online Program for Guidance

When Vicki Anderson, PsyD, LP, noticed that more of her clients were inquiring about medical cannabis, she didn’t have all the answers. The licensed clinical psychologist, whose practice is based in Newbury, New Hampshire, knew she had to get herself up to speed. So she enrolled in UVM’s Cannabis Science and Medicine Professional Certificate, which […]

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UVM’s Post-Bacc Premed Program Helped Anna Chamby Prepare for Med School

The possibility of a career in medicine first crossed Anna Chamby’s mind back in middle school. In sixth grade, she became interested in human biology. As she went through high school and college, her curiosity only grew. “I started to figure out that medicine was this perfect blend of understanding the science of the human […]

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Building Healthy Communities by Way of UVM’s Online Master of Public Health Program 

Shirley Callaghan took a break from studies while continuing her established career as a medical lab scientist when her son was born in 2001. After graduating from Concordia University’s School of Community and Public Affairs in Montreal, Callaghan knew she wanted to earn her master’s degree eventually. Once she began looking for an online program, she came across the UVM Master of Public […]

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Three Questions with UVM’s Larner College of Medicine Associate Dean for Public Health and Health Policy Dr. Jan Carney

The role of Jan Carney, M.D., M.P.H., was recently expanded to associate dean for public health and health policy and senior advisor to the dean at the Larner College of Medicine. Larner Medicine caught up with her for a quick chat about her past and current work in public health. Dr. Carney is currently the […]

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Hadley Warner Pursues a Physician Assistant Career to Better Connect with Patients

Spending time in Patagonia and other remote parts of the world left Hadley Warner wanting to know more about wilderness medicine. While receiving her EMT and wilderness certifications from the National Outdoor Leadership School, Warner wanted to dig deeper into the how and why of the human body. Her pursuit of more information led her […]

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How to Design Public Health Research Surveys

Surveys are one of the cornerstones of public health research. Depending on whether questions are conducted by phone, mail, online, or in person, public health surveys can be cost-effective, convenient, and generate high response rates. However, survey efforts can also encounter problems if there is a lack of adequate planning and development of a specific […]

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UVM Master of Public Health Alumna Sets Her Sights on Improving Water Quality

Rachel Danis’ interest in water quality started in college and exponentially flourished after graduation. While volunteering for a wetland conservation organization in Valencia, Spain, Danis realized how much she enjoyed collecting water samples and analyzing water quality data. When she returned home to Plattsburgh, New York, she eventually enrolled in the online UVM Master of Public […]

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Health Care Management Classes Help Hospital Employee Refine Her Skills

-Health Care and Leadership Management Certificate student Kathleen Merrick Kathleen Merrick approaches patient care from a holistic point of view. As an ophthalmology patient service specialist at UVM Medical Center, Merrick is on the front lines of health care customer service as she spends her days guiding patients as they schedule appointments or register for […]

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