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Effective Virtual Learning: Holistic Approaches to Learning Amidst Uncertainty

The mental health crisis stemming from the coronavirus pandemic has touched everyone, from small children to the elderly, but its effect on young adults has been profound. A June study from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that 75 percent of 18- to 24-year-old adults showed at least one adverse mental or behavioral […]

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Effective Virtual Learning: Creating a Learning Mindset in a Remote Learning Environment

Staying focused while adjusting to remote learning amidst the rigors of college academics during a global pandemic: what could be easier? The University of Vermont Continuing and Distance Education recently hosted three free, informational webinars on Effective Virtual Learning: Student Strategies and Resources to examine how students can make the most of the many challenges […]

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Effective Virtual Learning: Tips for Time Management

When it comes to managing your schedule in college—is it possible to keep time on your side? The University of Vermont Continuing and Distance Education recently hosted three free, informational webinars on Effective Virtual Learning: Student Strategies and Resources to examine how students can make the most of their academic experience during the coronavirus pandemic. […]

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Title IX: Implementing the New Regulations

On September 7, 2017, Department of Education (DoE) Secretary Betsy DeVos announced the notice of new Title IX regulations, promising to restore balance to a system she believed was unjustly skewed in favor of complainants. Just over one year later, on November 16, 2018, the proposed regulations from the DoE were posted and met with […]

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Redefining the “Gap Year” with UVM’s Guaranteed Admission Program

We’re all familiar with the concept of a “gap year” after high school, in which students make the decision to wait a year before enrolling in college—choosing to travel, engage in volunteer work, employment, or internships or take time to solidify their career ambitions before committing to a four-year degree. With so many colleges and […]

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UVM Is: Jason Garvey Advocates for Robust Data to Represent Queer and Trans Students

Associate Professor Jason Garvey’s personal experience strongly influenced his pursuit of uplifting queer and trans collegians. As a closeted student-athlete during his undergraduate years, Garvey came out as queer while he was a graduate student at The Ohio State University. It was then that Garvey became enlightened to the importance of individual and institutional contexts […]

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Perspectives on Early and Middle Level Education in Disruption due to Coronavirus Pandemic

By Kate Whitney Parents and caregivers nationwide are struggling with their new role facilitating the remote academic development of their children due to the coronavirus pandemic. But beyond the memes and jokes about the drink in mommy’s sippy cup, the transition from school to remote learning has many searching for strategies to foster a positive […]

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How to be a Successful Remote Student: The Impact of COVID-19 on Learning

By Carli Riibner Adjusting to remote learning is something many people across the world are facing. Social distancing is keeping classmates and professors apart, but multiple forms of technology are easing the transition. Professors are turning to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Blackboard to recreate a traditional classroom experience. As a senior at The University of […]

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This Is How We Did it: How You Can Fit Remote Learning into Your Busy Life

By Kate Whitney As remote learning and online courses become the norm, we’ve asked a few of our online program alumni to share their tips for remote learning success. They all have family obligations, full-time jobs and also a desire to enhance their careers, while feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Sound […]

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UVM Is: Ryan Hargraves Takes the UVM Admissions Process to a Holistic Level

When Ryan Hargraves meets with prospective students, he wants to hear how they can contribute to the greater good. Hargraves, Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions at UVM, isn’t just interested in a student’s grades or test scores. He also wants to know what issues students are passionate about and how they’re engaged in their community. […]

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