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Returning to Campus and Supporting Students’ Mental Health Needs

When Washington & Jefferson College in Pennsylvania welcomes students back to campus this fall, the small liberal arts school plans to offer fully in-person instruction and residential living. Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students Eva Chatterjee-Sutton, M.A. wants to make sure mental health is a priority for students at her college and […]

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Meeting Students’ Basic Needs: an interview with Adam Jussel of UVM Legal Issues in Higher Education Conference

UVM’s Legal Issues in Higher Education Conference is one of the nation’s leading conferences on issues affecting college and university campuses. Throughout the four days of the conference, in 12 live sessions, 20 pre-recorded presentations, and 15 roundtable discussions, leading experts will explore topics as diverse as campus communities and police, student mental health issues, and cannabis on […]

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John Dewey Kitchen Institute Creates the New Paradigm: Play in the Classroom for Greater Learning

Democracy in the Kitchen: John Dewey’s Education Through Cooking and Eating begins on July 6 and runs for four weeks virtually. Content is available on-demand when it best suits student schedules, with one live session the first week, as well as an opportunity to interact with classmates on a virtual discussion board.

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Under President Biden, Changes to Title IX Expected

A new and controversial Title IX rule strengthening the rights of those accused of sexual harassment or assault on U.S. college campuses is likely to be changed under the Biden Administration. In March, President Biden directed the U.S. Education Department to review Title IX rules that went into effect on Aug. 14, 2020. Those rules, […]

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A Food Lover Rekindles His Passion for Cheese at UVM

You can never know too much about cheese. That’s why cheese expert Nathan Aldridge enrolled in UVM’s online Artisan Cheese & Sensory Fundamentals Certificate Program last fall. Aldridge, who lives in Atlanta, is a manager who runs training programs for cheesemongers Gourmet Foods International. A cheese professional with more than 15 years of experience, Aldridge was […]

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UVM Student Voices: Tips to Help Students Manage Stress

There is no doubt that 2020 was a stressful year to be a college student (or just about any student for that matter!). UVM junior Brynlee Lutomski found creative ways to de-stress and shares some of her most helpful tips on ways to lower your stress levels. Cleaning your living environment. You can do that […]

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Complex Systems Graduate Certificate Helps Students Learn the Art and Science of Data 

As an engineering manager at Google’s Open Source Programs Office in Seattle, Amanda Casari thrives on leading a team, working with the research community, and strengthening open-source communities’ ability to make data-informed decisions. Casari, who graduated from UVM in 2011 with a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, was one of the first students to […]

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OLLI Workshop: How to Share Wisdom and Lessons in a Legacy Letter

Baby Boomers rallied for peace, marched for equal rights, and kicked off the exercise craze of the 1980s. Now, as they enter their retirement years, Baby Boomers are embracing the practice of writing legacy letters. What exactly is a legacy letter? A legacy letter shares life lessons, values, wisdom, and wishes for future generations. Jay […]

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Celebrating 30 Years of Legal Issues in Higher Education at UVM

Celebrating its 30th anniversary this month, UVM’s Legal Issues in Higher Education Conference is planning an event unlike any other in its past—one that’s completely online—in a year that’s been punctuated by a number of complex issues and events, any one of which would—on its own—be enough to have college and university administrators nationwide struggling […]

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Exploring Complex Systems in a Complicated, Data-Driven World

When Professor Peter Dodds describes complex systems and data science, he talks about giving students the skills they need to solve problems and help the world. Dodds, who arrived at UVM’s College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS) in 2006, helped develop the Vermont Complex Systems Center within UVM, a post-disciplinary team of faculty and […]

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