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UVM’s Online Bachelor of Arts Degree: An Interview with Instructors Teresa Mares, Ph.D. and Scott Van Keuren, Ph.D.

By Kate Whitney This fall, the University of Vermont is unveiling its new Online Bachelor of Arts Degree Completion Program. The new online program will provide students who have left college before graduation (or those who have completed their associate degree) the opportunity to finish their bachelor degree. The learning will happen outside of the […]

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Best Practices and Successful Strategies for E-Commerce Merchandising

Successful e-commerce merchandising is all about making sales. But what happens in between setting up shop and selling online is critical for any online retailer. Everything from inventory, selection, price, product photos, and customer reviews are a must for competitive online merchandising. “Merchandising means getting the right products and the most attractive assortment that customers […]

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Why Data-Driven Management Produces Better Results in Health Care

Effective leaders and managers lead by fact, not opinion. Still, it’s all too common for executives, senior administrators and middle managers to use their gut instinct to make decisions, rather than examining key data to inform their decisions about processes, goals or strategies, according to organizational excellence expert Kathy Letendre. “A data-driven manager can understand—using […]

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SEO Digital Marketing Training Teaches Best Practices to Improve Ranking

Are you looking to rank your company’s website on page one of Google? While there’s no magic formula to search engine optimization success, there are fundamental practices to help maximize your website’s performance. Bill Rowland, director of SEO at Trinity Insight in Philadelphia, is teaching  UVM’s Advanced SEO course. The four-week, SEO digital marketing training […]

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The Risks and Rewards of Operating a Brewery Taproom

Customers not only expect good beer at a taproom. They also want to enjoy a good time. With so many craft beers to choose from, more breweries are opening taprooms to compete in today’s crowded marketplace. By selling IPAs, stouts or pilsners along with serving food or hosting events, breweries are hoping to reap the […]

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Top 5 Traits Breweries Look for in Craft Beer Industry Employees

Do you need to be an expert in craft beer to work in the industry? If you ask Celine Frueh, Human Resources Director at Allagash Brewing Company in Portland, Maine, the answer is no. Rather than an expertise in brewing, Frueh says that the best way to break into the craft beer industry is to […]

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Cabot Creamery Co-operative Manager Nick Managan Strives to Keep Learning

What makes a good manager? For UVM alumnus Nick Managan ’05, it’s all about accountability and hard work. Managan has been employed full-time at Cabot Creamery Cooperative for ten years, working his way up through the ranks and being mentored by his supervisors along the way. In 2017, he was promoted to Northeast marketing manager […]

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How Web Analytics Can Help You Understand Your Customers

Bounce rates. Page views. Acquisition. New vs. returning visitors. When it comes to web analytics, which metrics are the most important? When used collectively and strategically, all of them matter, say experts Krista Park and Ryan Andricks, who will separately teach UVM’s online Web Analytics and Data-Driven Decision Making course. “It’s about understanding analytics as […]

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New Beer School Courses Created to Help Existing Breweries Succeed

Brewery operation requires knowledge of everything from regulatory requirements and intellectual property to financing and accounting. Three years after launching the online Business of Craft Beer Certificate Program, UVM is introducing a series of short courses to meet the growing demand for professional development opportunities for staff in existing breweries. UVM Continuing and Distance Education is […]

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For 2nd Year in a Row, UVM Secures Top Spot as Best Online Digital Marketing Program

UVM’s Digital Marketing Fundamentals program continues to be the highest ranking online digital marketing certificate program by The website ranks the 20 best online digital marketing certificate programs and was established to provide research and insight into current marketing education. UVM secured the number one spot two years in a row, followed by Duke University […]

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