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10 Signs Your Employees are Not Working as a Team

Working as a team takes practice. Learn how your employees can work more effectively as they grow into an effective team.

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Craft Beer Consumers: Get Ready to Pay More for Your Favorite Brew

By Jon Reynolds Beer prices at retail are about to get more expensive for consumers. It’s important to note that craft brewers do not lead the price increases, but rather follow the industry leaders when they begin sending out price increase letters in January and February each year. Well, it’s not too surprising to say but […]

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Quitting Your Job? Part of the #GreatResignation? You’re Not Alone. But Are You Prepared?

Millions of Americans have quit their jobs as they reassess their work/life balance. Find out what it takes to successfully make a career change in the #GreatResignation.

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Tom Perry Helps Students Understand the ‘Magic of Cheese’ in UVM Artisan Cheese Course

Take your love of cheese to the next level and learn why UVM’s Artisan Cheese Certificate instructor Tom Perry thinks cheese is magical.

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How to Keep Your Digital Marketing Skills Fresh Well into Your Career

In the world of always-evolving marketing, learn how one sales and marketing veteran looked to UVM to help sharpen his digital marketing skills.

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#FacultyFeature: Craft Beer Instructor Jon Reynolds Challenges Students to Differentiate Themselves and Take Risks

Jon Reynolds, an instructor in UVM’s Business of Craft Beer program, shares with students what he’s learned in over 40 years in the craft brewing industry.

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9 Tips to Help You Prep for a Virtual Interview 

By Heather Palow The Coronavirus pandemic has shifted many positions online or hybrid which has led to virtual interviews becoming a necessity when looking for a new job. The best way to be successful during your next virtual interview (and really any interview) is proper preparation. From ensuring your technology is working to conducting research […]

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Top 2022 Trends in the Craft Brewing Business – Part 3

Could the craft brewing business make a comeback in 2022? UVM Business of Craft Beer experts and instructors weigh in on top trends for 2022.

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2nd Career Options That Pay Off

By Kate Whitney While the cost of higher education may act as a deterrent for many adults considering a return to school, a recent national survey found that 73% of U.S. adults age 23 to 55 without a bachelor’s degree cite increased earning potential as the main motivation for making the decision to go back. […]

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Top 2022 Trends in the Craft Brewing Business – Part 2

What will 2022 bring for craft brewers? UVM Business of Craft Brewing instructors and industry experts share their predictions on trends in 2022 for craft beer.

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