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Prevent Job Search Burnout and Land Your Dream Gig in 3 Steps

Learn from veteran digital marketer and career coach Erik Harbison how to avoid job search burnout.

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Strategies to Help Answer: Should I Stay or Should I Go When Considering a Career Change?

Are you feeling left out of the #greatresignation and wondering if you have missed your moment to change your job? Learn strategies to help answer if you should stay or go in your current role.

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Craft Beer Collaborations: Craft Beer and Sneakers

Craft brewing fans are lacing up sneakers that are inspired by some of their favorite craft beers.

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12 Characteristics of a Compassionate Leader

Rising business leaders can fill in the gaps of skills that they may not have learned in business school, to become compassionate leaders.

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Craft Beer Collaborations: Craft Beer and Fashion

Craft brewers are dipping their toes into the fashion industry with some unique collaborations that go way beyond the standard beer logo t-shirt.

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Craft Beer Collaborations: Exploring How Music, Fashion, Sports, and Craft Beer Collide

Craft beer collaborations have gone beyond teaming up with a cross town brewery or a partner outside the brewing industry. Take a look at some unique craft beer collaborations on the market today.

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Exchanging Jobs: From Retail Manager to Digital Marketing Coordinator

The pandemic shake-up of the retail industry caused Erin Brennan to rethink her career. Two digital marketing certificates from UVM help her to land a new job.

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3 Tips for Promoting Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Lead instructor for UVM’s Digital Marketing Fundamentals Certificate and LinkedIn pro, Erik Harbison shares tips to help you get noticed on LinkedIn.

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A Numbers Game: Why Analytics is Essential to Marketers

While having a basic grasp of marketing analytics can be essential for any marketing role, being “fluent” in analyzing data can give you a leg up in the field.

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How Hiring Fits Into Your Business Growth Strategy

As a company moves through natural stages of development, business growth strategies need to consider who they hire and why. Learn how to adjust your hiring strategies based on the stage of your business growth.

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