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#FacultyFeature: Business of Craft Beer Instructor Mike Gerhart on Current Trends and COVID-19 Recovery

UVM Business of Craft Beer Certificate Program Instructor and Expert Brewer Mike Gerhart Talks Pandemic Recovery for the Craft Brewing Industry.

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The Most In-Demand Digital Marketing Skills in 2021

As remote jobs become more common, Nick Mattar wanted to know if the digital marketing skills marketers look for have changed, and which ones are the most in-demand. Mattar is a leader in the digital marketing space, the owner of Digital Detroit, and an instructor for UVM’s Digital Marketing Certificate Programs.  Mattar conducted surveys and analyzed marketing job […]

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Business of Craft Beer School Alumni Joe Kasper Talks Pandemic Rebound from a Sales and Distribution Perspective

By Jon Reynolds Recent University of Vermont Business of Craft Beer School Alumni Joe Kasper has a solid background in the craft brewing industry on top of his recent UVM credentials. A former homebrewer, Joe got his start in the industry as a bartender in Milwaukee before moving into a retail bottle shop buyer, a […]

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The Fastest Way to Land an Entry-Level Digital Marketing Job

You have digital marketing knowledge under your belt and want to break into the field. Smart move. The field of digital marketing is in hyper-growth mode with a 63% increase in jobs in the past 6 months, according to LinkedIn data. Yet, you’re facing the age-old problem: you need experience to get a job, and […]

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Anne Outwater Makes the Business of Craft Beer Certificate Program a Tool for Peace

Anne Outwater has researched violence in Tanzania for decades to uncover ways of promoting peace. In 1998, she witnessed the destruction caused by the US Embassy bombing in Dar es Salaam as a nurse and first-responder, an experience which led her to devote her life to decreasing violence. To this end, Outwater earned a PhD […]

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Will Hard Seltzers Surpass Craft Beer Sales Off-Premise in just Five Years?

By Jon Reynolds If you haven’t yet seen or tried a hard seltzer, you must be living under a rock or are stationed at the North Pole. The hard seltzer segment has tripled in dollar volume in the last three years. Here are numbers reported by The Bump Williams Consulting Company showing the market share […]

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Career Workshops Help Boost Confidence, Skills and Improve Job Search Strategy

Making a career change or developing additional skills to move up in a role can sometimes feel daunting. Having a career coach in your corner through new career workshops at UVM can not only help you land on your feet but also give you the tools to take command of your next career move. The Upskill […]

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Non-Alcoholic Craft Brews: Fad or Trend Worthy?

By Jon Reynolds There is a sober curious movement happening across America and craft brews are jumping in. This is being led by some of the largest alcoholic companies in the world getting into non-alcoholic (NA) beverages, including Diageo-Guinness-Seedlip, Anheuser-Busch-Beck’s-Leffe-Castle, Heineken, Carlsberg, Asahi-CUB, Suntory, Ceria, Sutter Home, and more. New entries by Craft Brewers include […]

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Finding a Career Path with Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Charlotte Reining hadn’t planned on studying GIS until she happened upon information about UVM’s Geographic Information Systems and Data Communication Certificate program. Inspired by climate change maps created with GIS, Reining felt the certificate program was a natural extension of her Bachelor of Arts and Science in Sustainability, Science, and Society: “I enjoy using data […]

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Applying a Framework for Project Management: An interview with Mieko Ozeki

As a project manager, Mieko Ozeki considers herself an architect of ideas. She takes the raw materials of a project—vision, scope, timeline—and builds something for her clients. Project management (PM) is “taking content from people’s heads and then being an engineer for the structures and experience,” Ozeki says. Her role is to “curate tools so […]

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