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Adult Learners CAN Find Balance Between Parenting, Work, & School

Considering going back to school? Learn tips for working parents who are considering taking a course or online certificate program.

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Merchandising Innovations in Craft Brewery Brand Development and Storytelling

Learn how craft breweries are creating innovative merchandising video displays to share their brand story more effectively to consumers.

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How Upskill Vermont Helped this First-Generation College Grad Continue Her Education

Learn how UVM Upskill Vermont made continuing education for Erica not only financially accessible but flexible enough to fit into her work schedule.

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How Businesses Can Leverage TikTok Digital Marketing

Vertical video has taken over social media over the last year, particularly on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. Learn how UVM’s Digital Marketing Fundamentals course helps brands leverage TikTok and other new channels.

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4 Craft Beer Industry Trends to Watch in 2023

UVM craft brewing expert instructors share what they’re keeping an eye on for craft beer industry trends in 2023.

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When He Turned 50, Chris Kesler Became a Craft Brewer, and It’s His Most Successful Venture Yet

UVM Business of Craft Beer Certificate alumnus Chris Kesler explains how he launched a career in craft brewing and distilling in Vermont.

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4 Tips for Small Business Social Media Success

UVM digital marketing instructor, Tyler King, offers four tips for small businesses to build success in social media.

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#FacultyFeature: Aaron Levy on Digital Trends & How to Choose a Digital Marketing Course

Learn how a digital marketing course, like the one from UVM, teaches you how to apply digital paid search strategies and tactics to your business or your clients.

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How to Change Careers (Without Taking Time Off) in 5 Simple Steps

Learn how to avoid making a career change mistake with these five simple tips which you can explore while still working.

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How to Plan a Successful Digital Marketing Capstone Project

Learn how Digital Marketing Fundamental Certificate students build a successful capstone project by using a variety of digital channels taught throughout the eight-week course.

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