When Traveling Abroad, Leave Your Headphones Behind

You’re excited and anxious about Studying Abroad with a UVM travel course. There are tons of questions to ask and details to go over when you’re preparing to study abroad. It’s no surprise that this key information wouldn’t be at the top of the list during your advisory meetings – but these tiny little details are sure to impact your entire study abroad experience.

5 Study abroad tips as to why you should leave your headphones at home:

  1. You’ll talk to people on the bus, in a village, at a coffee shop. You’ll overhear or be engaged in valuable conversations.
  2. You’re safer when you can hear what is happening around you. Whether it’s a protest around the corner or an unwelcome follower. Tune in to your surroundings.
  3. With your ears open, you’ll hear new accents and dialects, and maybe even pick up some new language abilities.
  4. By listening to the radio, you might find some cool new music to bring home. You’ll also hear local news and learn about what is happening in the area.
  5. Who doesn’t want friends? Without headphones on, you’ll seem more approachable and you’ll meet more people.

Don’t believe me? I can’t blame you – but just remember all of the reasons why you wanted to study abroad in the first place. To meet people? To explore the world? To learn new things? To practice your language skills?

Packing your earbuds might seem like a tiny act but it will have a huge impact on your entire experience abroad and the opportunities that you have to engage with new people, ideas, and culture. Now that you’re getting ready to depart, make sure that everything you pack in your suitcase will serve your study abroad experience.