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Medical Cannabis Online Program
Continuing Education on His Terms: Cannabis Brings Ricky Chagnon Back to School

A certificate in cannabis plant biology provides one student with a leg up as he transitions to a career in the cannabis industry.... Continue Reading

GIS certificate Upskill student
Why Not Complete the Whole Certificate? Alison Spasyk Goes All in on GIS at UVM.

Through UVM's GIS Professional Certificate program, students get hands-on learning experience with ArcGIS, the industry-standard geographic analysis software.... Continue Reading

geospatial computation course at UVM
Tracking Down Vermont’s Endangered Plant Species with GIS

A geospatial computation course at UVM gave Rachel Tobler the opportunity to use spatial data to show why conserving land is key to the survival of endangered... Continue Reading

hemp growing cannabis education uvm
UVM Cannabis Research Helps Farmers Grow High-Quality Hemp More Efficiently

UVM cannabis researchers are exploring how soil quality, nutrient needs, and variety selection impact the production of hemp.... Continue Reading

food and social justice in Oaxaca
UVM Online Course Explores Food and Social Justice in Oaxaca

The food of Oaxaca is as diverse as the region’s geography, ecosystems, languages, and people.  The choices people make about food in this region—or anywhere—can also shed... Continue Reading