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Philosophy Major Turned Post-Bacc Pre-Med Student Shares Tips for Success

Andrew Scherffius majored in philosophy in college and caught up on the required pre-med courses through UVM's Post-Bacc Pre-Medical program before applying to med school.... Continue Reading

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Why Starting a Post-Bacc in Summer is a Smart Move

Summer courses include a tuition discount and scholarships are available for post-bacc pre-med students at UVM. ... Continue Reading

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How to Improve Your Skills for Nursing

Jobs for nurses are expected to increase 9% over the next decade. Check out these 5 tips to improve your skills for nursing and prepare you for... Continue Reading

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Changing Careers: The Path from Public Relations to Nurse Practitioner

UVM Post-Bacc Pre-Medical alumni Shane Phipps chose to make a career change to medicine after a Nurse Practitioner helped to save his wife and infant son.... Continue Reading

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9 Tips to Help You Prep for a Virtual Interview 

By Heather Palow The Coronavirus pandemic has shifted many positions online or hybrid which has led to virtual interviews becoming a necessity when looking for a new... Continue Reading