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Global Public Health
How Global Public Health Careers Help Make a Difference

“Global health is about improving the health of communities worldwide.” Dr. Kelsey Gleason Working in global public health offers the opportunity to help vulnerable populations and improve... Continue Reading

Emily Wills Companion Animal End of Life Doula
Language Arts Teacher Finds Opportunity to Fulfil her Passion for Animals in End-of-Life Care

Emily Wills, a middle school language arts teacher, considers herself a lifelong learner. When she was faced with the loss of her beloved golden retriever in February... Continue Reading

How to Prepare to Travel this Summer. Advice from Public Health Expert Dr. Jan Carney.

“The key to all these recommendations is to be fully vaccinated.” Dr. Carney Taking a vacation this summer sounds incredibly appealing. Americans are eager to pull out... Continue Reading

cannabis research
When it Comes to Cannabis, Researcher Linda Klumpers Wants People to Pay Attention to the Science

In the United States, the most common use of medical cannabis is to control pain. But whether cannabis succeeds in controlling pain varies considerably among patients. UVM Linda Klumpers,... Continue Reading

online public health program
How Innovative Practices Builds Community in Online Public Health Program

Creating meaningful conversation, connection, and community are at the heart of the UVM’s online public health program. Online learning has been part of UVM’s award-winning and CEPH... Continue Reading