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back to school adult
How Adults Can Prepare to Go Back to School

By Kate Whitney Going back to school this fall as an adult learner? If only preparation was as easy as guiding mom toward the least embarrassing pair... Continue Reading

going back to school adult learner
Tips to Decide If You Should Go Back to School

Thinking about going back to school as an adult? You’re not alone. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 37 percent of the 19.9 million undergraduate... Continue Reading

UVM guaranteed admission program
Restorative Justice and Title IX: An Interview with Legal Issues in Higher Education Speaker Megan Farrell

By Kate Whitney UVM’s 29th Annual Legal Issues in Higher Education Conference focuses on the diverse legal issues impacting all aspects of higher education and tackles a... Continue Reading

how to succeed as an online learner
Persisting with Online Courses When The Going Gets Tough

By Carolyn Siccama, EdD You’ve signed up for your first online course. After hearing how convenient and flexible they are, you decide to give it a try.... Continue Reading

UVM Is: Physical Plant Director Salvatore “Sal” Chiarelli Motivates and Innovates

Sal Chiarelli strives to bring out the best in people. As director of UVM’s Physical Plant Department, which maintains 6 million square feet of facilities, Chiarelli is... Continue Reading