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online marketing program
Former Human Resources Communication Manager Cheryl Dobbins Hege Finds Her Footing in Digital Marketing

 The world of marketing shifted right under Cheryl Dobbins Hege’s feet. Instead of relying on print advertising and television media buys to promote a business or event,... Continue Reading

david carlson
UVM Is: David Carlson Creates a Sense of Community for Student Veterans

Connecting with military veterans on campus is the best part of David Carlson’s day. As coordinator of UVM Student Veteran Services, Carlson helps military vets make a smooth... Continue Reading

Student studying for online course
How Do Employers View Online Degrees and Qualifications?

By Kate Whitney   A quick google search suggests that the stigma once associated with online learning or online degrees is long gone—a thing of the past.... Continue Reading

Justin Garwood
UVM Is: Justin Garwood Creates Gun Violence Prevention Course with a Focus on Mental Health, Positive Relationships

How can schools prevent and respond to gun violence? UVM Assistant Professor Justin Garwood, Ph.D., designed a course to address the crisis of school-based gun violence, which... Continue Reading

University of Vermont John Dewey Kitchen Institute
Cooking with Intention and Mindfulness at the John Dewey Kitchen Institute

Marcela Lahaie is figuring out how to teach her young preschool students about using their senses and being present. Since completing the UVM John Dewey Kitchen Institute... Continue Reading