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digital marketer working on a computer in an office
What Do Digital Marketers Do?

Careers in digital marketing continue to be one of the hottest career opportunities today. But have you ever asked, what exactly does a digital marketer do? Find... Continue Reading

Anilka Lopez UVM Digital Marketing Alumna
Why Every Marketer Needs Digital Marketing Skills

Global Products Manager at Reebok Anilka Lopez looked to UVM's Digital Marketing Fundamentals Certificate to help her advance in her marketing career. ... Continue Reading

UVM Business of Craft Beer Michelle Forster
#FacultyFeature: Business of Craft Beer Facilitator Michelle Forster

By Jon Reynolds Michelle Forster is the Executive Director of the Wyoming Brewers Guild and the facilitator in UVM’s Business of Craft Beer Professional Certificate Program. She brings a unique... Continue Reading

working as a team leadership online course
10 Signs Your Employees are Not Working as a Team

Working as a team takes practice. Learn how your employees can work more effectively as they grow into an effective team.... Continue Reading

craft beer prices increase at retail
Craft Beer Consumers: Get Ready to Pay More for Your Favorite Brew

By Jon Reynolds Beer prices at retail are about to get more expensive for consumers. It’s important to note that craft brewers do not lead the price increases,... Continue Reading