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Vermont Womenpreneurs
Applying a Framework for Project Management: An interview with Mieko Ozeki

As a project manager, Mieko Ozeki considers herself an architect of ideas. She takes the raw materials of a project—vision, scope, timeline—and builds something for her clients.... Continue Reading

GIS Programs at UVM
The Art and Science of Data Communication: An interview with GIS Instructor Bill Shander

We know it’s not just what we say but how we say it that matters in communication. This is no less true in communicating meaning from datasets.... Continue Reading

Craft brewer beer on bar man with mask
Digital Platforms Evolve, Top 16 Tips for Craft Brewers to Catch Up

By Jon Reynolds Craft brewers and beverage producers need to be on top of the digital platforms as they emerge and evolve from the Coronavirus Pandemic. Read... Continue Reading

Craft beer sold curbside
Craft Brewers, Wineries and Distillers Online Go-To-Market Strategy Evolves

By Jon Reynolds E-commerce is slowly taking hold in the craft beer, wine and distilled spirits industries. Too bad, it took a full-blown pandemic to make it... Continue Reading

cannabis-infused craft beer
Consumer Trends in the Beverage Industry Part 2: Lemonade, Subscriptions, and Cannabis-infused Beverages

By Jon Reynolds In Part 2 of our examination of consumer trends in the beverage industry in 2021, we take a look at the popularity of hard... Continue Reading