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UVM Cannabis Webinar Series Examines Policy, Medicinal Use, Edibles

By Cynthia Belliveau, EdD Dean, UVM Continuing and Distance Education As cannabis laws in the United States evolve, the need for an informed and engaged community discussion... Continue Reading

Mapping the Watershed: Computer Programs Find Patterns in a Deluge of Environmental Data

By Sujata Gupta When Hurricane Irene hit Vermont in 2011, the storm sent massive amounts of debris and sediment into the state’s waterways – an extreme erosion... Continue Reading

Farmer Jack Lazor: The Real Deal

By Susie Walsh Daloz You know him for his delicious Butterworks yogurt. You might even know him as the man behind increased local grain products in Vermont... Continue Reading

Marijuana Law and Policy in Vermont and Beyond

Post updated by CDE staff on May 9, 2016 By Brooke Jenkins, J.D. It’s an exciting, historic time for Cannabis law and policy in Vermont and New... Continue Reading

Talking about the Right to Food and Why it Matters

By Smita Narula An estimated 49 million Americans live in “food insecure” households, meaning they cannot afford adequate food for themselves or their families. In other words... Continue Reading