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death doula
How Facing Our Fear of Death Fosters a Sense of Empowerment

By Kate Whitney If your career involved conversations about life support options, meditations on death, and funeral plans for the dying, one might be surprised to learn... Continue Reading

end-of-life doula training
Demand Grows for End-of-Life Doula Training at UVM

By Kymelya Sari Seven Days Roberta MacDonald guffawed when she remembered a riddle her friend once asked her: What’s the No. 1 cause of death? No, it’s... Continue Reading

medical master degree
UVM Student Gets Another Chance at Medical School

UVM’s Medical Science Degree Program gave Kristina Valentine a second chance at getting into medical school. The McGill University graduate wasn’t accepted to medical school when she first applied... Continue Reading

connie Tompkins
UVM Is: Connie Tompkins Raising Awareness About Food Addiction in Teens

Little is known about food addiction in adolescents, so UVM Associate Professor Connie Tompkins and her colleagues set out to learn more. An expert in the prevention... Continue Reading

uvm doula program
Why Shawn Logan Wants to Be an End-of-Life Doula

A family story sparked Shawn Logan’s interest in end-of-life care. The story was so moving that Shawn, who is pursuing a career as a mental health clinician,... Continue Reading