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New UVM Craft Beer Podcast Explores Industry Market Conditions

Hill Farmstead. Tree House Brewing Company. Allagash Brewing Company. The Alchemist. Highland Brewing Company. The list of craft breweries goes on and on. With the number of... Continue Reading

Alumni Advice: Michael Banyas on the Rewards of a Career in Public Health

Michael Banyas ’03 is currently a lieutenant commander (LCDR) in the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS), one of the nation’s seven uniformed services, and a public health... Continue Reading

Why Veterans Need to Share Their Story in a Job Interview

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons In a job interview, a hiring  manager is generally  asking two questions:  “Who is this person, really?” and “Can they fix my problem... Continue Reading

Focus on Your Strengths or Weaknesses? That is the Question

Photo: Anders Lejczak/Flickr By Lee Maxey As a high school soccer coach, my players often asked me, “Coach, what should I do over the summer to get... Continue Reading

Alumni Advice: Brendan MacKenzie on Creating Strategies for Success

By Sarah Tuff Dunn Brendan MacKenzie ’04 was raised in Manchester, New Hampshire, by a firefighter father and a nurse mother, not realizing how meaningful those role... Continue Reading