4 Important Leadership Qualities You Need in Business

What makes a great leader?

In a recent survey, Harvard Business Publishing asked that very question. Hundreds of managers from companies around the globe weighed in on what leadership qualities matter the most. Ultimately, they narrowed it down to four: demonstrating integrity, managing complexity, inspiring engagement, and acting strategically.

How do you develop those skills? Ray Carvey, executive vice president of corporate learning and international at Harvard Business Publishing, offers the following advice on Fortune.com:

Acting strategically

Question your own opinions and seek out information that contradicts your view. Look to people with diverse experience to flesh out your teams, and get out of the office to gain valuable new perspectives.

Demonstrate integrity

Defy group think. Be selfless, and take responsibility for all of your decisions and the actions of your team. Keep an open-door policy for comments and observations, and set a good example for your team to follow.

Manage complexity

Keep a close eye on your environment to identify trends and indicators of potentially disruptive change. Put processes in place that help your team respond quickly, and be aware that seemingly small decisions can have a ripple effect across your business.

Inspire engagement

Create meaningful connections between your employees’ values and those of your organization. Understand your employees as individuals, and look for ways to tie their values and interests to their work. And foster a work environment that values inclusivity, and acceptance of the ideas of others.

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