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Balance the demands of your busy lifestyle with convenient online certificate courses and professional development, designed with your success in mind.

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Our experienced enrollment advisors and career coaches strive to help you connect your passion to real-world opportunities
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Balance the demands of your busy lifestyle with convenient online courses and programs, designed with your success in mind
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Tailored for working adults, UVM CDE offers multiple certificates to help you strengthen your credentials and advance in your professional career

Digital Marketing School

Ranked the #1 in the nation by, UVM’s Digital Marketing Fundamentals Certificate Program and Digital Marketing School provides a holistic overview of the Digital Marketing space and dives deeper into specific topics to help transform your effectiveness in the digital age.


Business of Craft Beer

Offered fully online, our courses provide participants with the essential business skills needed to be successful in today's craft beer industry.


Advanced Social Media Marketing

Learn the art and science of advanced social media marketing through this 5-week course. Building on video lessons provided from Hubspot, UVM offers an intensive study of social media through the support of an experienced digital marketing Coach who will support your studies.

Your Stories, Your UVM
Watching physiology screens

Preparing for Med School through UVM’s Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program

There isn’t necessarily just one path to medical school. Sure, you may plan to focus your undergraduate studies in a bachelor’s of science and narrow in on the key science curriculum in order to gain admission to med school. But what if you pursued a bachelor’s degree in arts, didn’t have the science background and wasn’t even sure if medical school was an option? That’s where programs like the University of Vermont’s Post-Baccalaureate Premedical program helps students who want a career in medicine but aren’t quite sure how to get there.

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Woman holding documents joyful after a business success

How Does Online Learning Work? 10 FAQs, Answered

A third of all students now take at least one online course and one in six students takes classes exclusively online. If you’re considering joining the growing ranks of nontraditional students seeking to enhance their professional or academic credentials online, we’ve compiled a list of answers to some frequently asked questions.

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Cannabis oil in bottle, cannabis plant and stethoscope

Former Emergency Medicine Doctor Looks to a Future in Cannabis

Cannabis helped Valerie Hepburn recover from knee surgery. It also helped her reimagine her career.

The former emergency medicine doctor, who became interested in integrative and functional medicine later on, turned to cannabis after suffering from arthritis and undergoing a bilateral knee replacement. She found cannabis more effective than the opioids she was prescribed after her surgery.

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