5 Popular Campus Activities Offered at UVM

campus-activitiesWith a diverse and passionate student body and over 170 campus clubs and organizations, there’s a lot for incoming students to be excited about. Whether you’re already the captain of your varsity soccer team or you’re thinking about getting involved in the campus community for the first time, The University of Vermont is sure to offer at least one club that fits your interests.

Spotlight on 5 Popular UVM Campus Activities

Community Service & Volunteer Programs

“The University of Vermont’s Leadership & Civic Engagement Programs (LCE) mission is to foster a culture of student involvement, leadership, and learning through hands-on civic engagement.”

Many aspiring ‘Catamounts’ apply to Vermont with the intention and desire to contribute to the growing campus and Burlington community – and the Leadership & Civic Engagement Program (LCE) is the perfect place to accomplish that goal. Whether you’re passionate about serving the community directly or inspiring other students through leadership and development, LCE is dedicated to supporting students through leadership and advising opportunities.

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UVM Theatre

“We are committed to providing a superior, broad-based education to our students through intensive classroom study and practical experience.”

The UVM Theatre fosters an actively engaging community through an intensive theatre experience. The theatre puts on three major productions, an annual holiday event and a festival of One Act plays during the spring semester. Students who are not enrolled in the Department of Theatre are encouraged to audition in any of the Mainstage season shows, including the holiday or The Spring Play Festival. If you’re not confident in performing in front of an audience there are plenty of opportunities to participate behind the scenes. These positions include lighting operators, costume crew and more.

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Student Media

“You’ll be trained by your peers, supported in your academics and come out better than before.”

With a nationally accredited newspaper, diverse radio station and ‘all-original’ student programming, it’s no wonder why many of UVM’s students enjoy being part of the student media community. The best part? – the writing, photography, live shows, music, video (and more) are run by students!

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Athletics & Fitness

The intercollegiate athletics program at The University of Vermont facilitates the personal growth and education of young men and women through their participation in a comprehensive program of NCAA Division I sports.”

If you have had the opportunity to visit Vermont and see UVM’s active campus, it should come as no surprise that UVM is #9 on Outside Magazine’s list of the ‘top 25 colleges‘ for their readers. With varsity athletics, club sports and campus and recreation facilities, you’ll have endless opportunities to get moving. Not to mention, Burlington has been celebrated for it’s health and happiness by a number of national publications and organizations.

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Greek Life

“The Greek community’s goal is to assist in fostering its members to be better students and better leaders.”

For over 175 years, UVM’s sororities and fraternities have provided students with opportunities to contribute to the community and build leadership skills and friendships along the way. Today, UVM’s Greek Life is made up of 15 active and recognized organizations (9 fraternities and 6 sororities), with approximately 800 members. If you’re interested in actively participating in an organization that fosters a positive community, then consider ‘going greek’ today – recruitment begins early each semester!

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It’s important to find a school that not only challenges you academically and can set you up for success -with UVM’s campus activities, clubs and organizations, you can ensure that you’re enrolling in a school that can do just that.