10 Fun College Majors You May Not Have Considered

fun-college-majorsIf you’re in the midst of sorting through college marketing materials and applications, you’ve likely heard one very important question: “Have you decided on a major yet?” For some students, their major has been something they’ve been thinking about since freshman year of high school. However, that’s not always the case. Selecting a major may be one of the most important decisions you’ve had to make thus far, so why should it be easy?

To help, we’ve selected 10 fun college majors that you may not have considered, pulled directly from the University of Vermont website:

Community Entrepreneurship

Successful entrepreneurship is fundamental to a healthy community. Students majoring in Community Entrepreneurship can test the entrepreneurial waters in courses designed to give them first-hand experience in launching or strengthening a product or service.

Potential careers: Business consultant, not-for-profit fundraiser, and operations manager.

Individually Designed Program

The Individually Designed program offers very capable, imaginative students the chance to create their own educational program sequence and to accept the risks and challenges inherent in self-determined learning.

Potential careers: You choose your own career path, based on your interests and talents.

Athletic Training

The Athletic Training program provides students with the knowledge and skills required to work closely with physicians and other healthcare professionals in the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries incurred by athletes and others engaged in physical activity.

Potential careers: Clinical instructor, performing-arts trainer, and professional-sports athletic trainer.


The Biology Department has a strong reputation among medical schools, dental schools, veterinary medical schools, and private industries. Our seniors, by graduation day, typically have several offers for professional positions or admission to postgraduate education.

One of the many areas of biology is zoology, the study of animal life. Zoology studies range from the cellular level to the whole animal, and zoologists are biological scientists concerned with behavior, origins, and life processes of animals.

Potential careers: Zookeeper, wildlife rehabilitator, and wildlife educator.

Film and Television Studies

Film and Television Studies courses explore all aspects of film and television, from production to history and theory. Introductory courses expose students to the concepts needed to begin studying film and television, as well as its historical and theoretical concerns. Intermediate-level courses concentrate on contemporary issues, genre history, and theory, as well as film and video production.

Potential careers: Director or producer, journalist, and TV or radio broadcaster.

Early Childhood Special Education

The Early Childhood Special Education program provides students with the perspectives and skills needed to work with young children and their families in a range of family-centered, culturally responsive, inclusionary, and developmentally appropriate settings.

Potential careers: Special-education teacher, preschool teacher, and kindergarten teacher.

Exercise and Movement Science

The Exercise and Movement Science program engages students in the theory and application of movement science in health, fitness, and disease prevention in diverse populations.

Potential careers: Fitness specialist, strength and conditioning specialist, and exercise physiologist.

Natural Resources

Students can choose to concentrate their studies in one of three natural-resources concentrations: Resource Ecology, Resource Planning, or an individualized program of study in integrated Natural Resources.

Potential careers: Field researcher, environmental educator, and forest ecologist.

Human Development and Family Studies

The Human Development and Family Studies program provides students with the academic and practical opportunities to become lifelong learners who are committed to addressing the educational and human-service needs of Vermont and the nation.

Potential careers: Mental-health counselor, social worker, and psychologist

Political Science

The Political Science Department at UVM offers courses across the discipline, taught by scholar-teachers with outstanding research records and national reputations. Whether you are interested in American politics, law, women’s issues, political theory, international relations, or the politics of different world regions, you’ll find department members teaching courses and doing cutting-edge research in your field of interest.

Potential careers: Communications coordinator, public-relations coordinator, and government-affairs professional.

Don’t worry if you can’t decide on a major right away. Stay tuned for more on preparing for college and finding the major that’s right for you.