Week 2: Daniel Yuan, Sherry Zhao, Wilson Wang

Hello everyone, we are DSW!!!



Hi, I am Daniel from the Shanghai center. It is my great honor to be selected as a member of the first group to write this blog. We have been here in Vermont for more than a week and this is really a nice place. It is totally different from Shanghai.  There are not many people here in Burlington, but there are a lot more cars than I expected.  I haven’t decided on my major. I change my mind all the time because everything seems to be pretty fascinating to me.  There is a lot that I want to talk about, but I think it is better to show some photos and let you see and feel Burlington.



Hello everyone!  This is Sherry, also from Shanghai, and I am going to study Film and Television studies at the University of Vermont. I really like watching movies and writing. When I was a 15-year-old, I have published a novel named The Memory, but it is in Chinese.  If someone is also interested in movies or writing stories, you can chat with me about that. I want to say that Shanghai is one of the biggest cities in the world. So when I came to UVM and Burlington, I realized that here is a place which is totally different from my hometown. It is without subways, tall buildings & crowded people, so I think this is the best place for studying.  I really enjoy these days and think that all of USPP student also think so. I took some photos and we will show you them.  BTW, it is my pleasure to be selected as one of the blog writers.



Guten tag Alls, mein Name ist Wilson Wolfgang Fritz Nicholas von Richthofen-Wang. (I know it is a really long name to remember:), so calling me Wilson is ok. The reason for that long name is I have lived in Germany for several months and the friends there gave me that. I am originally from Shanghai, China. I really hope I can study in the Medical School in the future to help others. This is my first goal. What’s more, I hope I can speak some more languages. I would like to learn to speak Russian and Latin. I love traveling.  I have been to Germany, Japan, and so on (I actually cannot remember all of them, terrible memory haha :) ) My favorite cities are Osaka and Kyoto. They are all in the Kanxi of Japan; quiet city with normal population and relaxed environment which is really like Burlington. Now Burlington is one of my favorite cities. Here in Vermont, people are friendly like people in Osaka. They are always smiling to the out-lander. Life here is comfortable.  I love this place. It is one of the most wonderful cities to live in and study!!! You know I get this result in comparing all my traveling experience. I told myself, this is it!

Now, let’s take a look at the photos we took. These photos start from our flight to the US , and they show all the major activities we participated in the first two weeks. I really hope that these photos will give you an idea about what we are doing!

On the plane we saw the area of the United States.

There is a windmill in this photo.  I chose this photo because we can see this windmill everyday.(Daniel)

At the front desk of Davis Center, there is “welcome” written in different languages on the wall. I was pretty excited that I found the Chinese one. The most important thing is, my hand is in this photo pointing at “欢迎”.

I can’t believe that the UVM rose a Chinese flag for us!!! We were so excited!

When we first came to Tupper, we saw the big poster which said “WELCOME USPP STUDENTS TO UVM!” We were so HAPPY to see that!

Burlington does not have a lot of people, but there are too many cars here!

Vermont is a state which focuses on environmental protection. In the dinning hall of UVM, we saw this. One napkin at a time, let’s protect the environment!

This is one of my favorite photos. As an engineering student, it took me almost a week to draw a school bus in Kaplan China using AutoCAD. This school bus looks exactly the same as the school bus I drew. (Daniel)

People in Vermont love Jazz.  All kind of Jazz music, which is a fantastic thing to me!

This beautiful house is our Mr. President’s home. So sweet

The president of The University of Vermont, the president of The Student Government, and……the president in our heart.(I am just kidding.)

This is our Chemistry professor, Mr. Flemer. I didn’t recognize him when he was in the lab.  With him is our TA Colleen.

Three tutors for us; Sarah, Paige, and Sam. They are really helpful and friendly. They help all of the USPP students a lot, especially in English writing.

Sherry and Mr. President of the UVM.

The President and Sunny. Sunny seems to know the president very well:)

My friend Kim felt cold, and it was, so I lent my coat to her.

The main street of Burlington.

This is Lake Champlain. It looks normal but there is (probably) a monster in the lake!

I jumped into these two girls photo. They are both good friends and nice guides to the campus.

Daniel just bought a new car in Burlington (joking!).

Wow!  High technology!  At UVM all kinds of equipment is available to the students.

Wilson and Daniel.

The professor of Chemistry lab, Steve. I like him very much. He is an interesting guy.

Most students were focused on the experiment, but I caught some one who is not doing what he is supposed to do. (He is actually the first one who finished the lab).

The name of this photo is” The Professor and a Student”, ignore Wilson.

Steve is helping me and my partner with the experiment.

Dan is doing a test. He was really serious:)

Daniel is eating the ice cream, EAT-IT-ALL!!!!

Dan loves ice cream.

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  1. Alex Messinger Says:

    This was really fun to read! What else have you noticed that is different besides having a lot of cars? I hope you get a chance to hike in the mountains while you’re here.

  2. Noel McCann Says:

    I loved seeing the pictures that you chose to share with us and your captions. I can’t wait to read more of your adventures!

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