Week 10: Frank Chen,

August 17th, 2010

Hello, everyone. I’m Frank. I come from ChongQing Center. How time files! This is the last week for our summer bridge. We’ve studied and lived at UVM for 2 months. In this duration, I’ve had a number of experiences; both hard times and enjoyable times. Meanwhile, I made some American friends in the 2 months. In addition, I was a member of the student leadership council of USPP. Every few weeks Maggie, Greg, Janet and Joe would have a lunch meeting with us to talk about our time in USPP and our culture. We appreciated having this opportunity to talk with them about things that happened every week and especially the nice lunch! We would also ask some common questions students wanted to resolve. It was really a useful approach to open up communication between the students and staff of USPP. This week was our final exam week, a large amount of exam and presentations needed completing. Come on! Everyone, let’s have a nice ending to finish our perfect summer bridge!

I went to the Price Chopper on weekends.

Hi, my name is Ma Jianzhu, and I am form Chengdu, the land of abundance of China. I love all kinds of sports. My dream is to be a good businessman and to help other people. In addition, I have choosen the major of environmental engineering. I hope the world can be cleaner because of me.

We cook food ourselves when we are free. It is a good chance for us to practice.

I have a great time here on Church Street. When I have free time I can go downtown for shopping. We may get most things we want there.

My name is Chen Peng,  I am from the Chengdu center.  I think we’ve had a wonderful summer in Burlington.   I made a lot of new friends from all around the world.  We also have lots of entertainment here, such as BBQ and karaoke. We’ve also found some good Chinese restaurants in Burlington. Here I would like to show you some pictures about my life in UVM.

Chuck getting ready to play sled hockey.

Chinese food in Burlington!

Week 9: Bill Cai, Alfred Chen and Ivy Zhang

August 11th, 2010

Bill with calf at Shelburne Farms

My name is Cai Kunrong and my English name is Bill. I come from the Chengdu Center, but my hometown is in Yunnan province, Kunming City. It is a beautiful city and because of the pleasant climates, people call it the city of the eternal spring. My hobby is playing computer games and playing soccer. I especially enjoy playing ‘Call of Duty’. I think it can help me reduce pressure and relax. Choosing to study in America was the first big decision that I made. Perhaps this system is more suitable for me. My major is accounting. I think it will be easy to find a job in this field and my father has some business shops. He is hoping I can help manage them when I graduate.

We visited this farm in the Exploring American course to complete a service learning project.

Alfred at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Hello, I am Alfred. I am from Chengdu center, but my hometown is Xiamen, Fujian. I was born in Chengdu. My parents were born in Fujian, so I come back to here once a year. Xiamen is beautiful and clean. You will feel comfortable if you visit here. I love this place so much. I am not good at sports because I have poor physical condition, but I really like to play basketball & table tennis. I like music very much and I can sing a little rap. This is the first time that I have been to Vermont. This place is attractive to me because it is beautiful and peaceful. Also, it is a good place for people to study and live. I will major in entrepreneurship, because I want to run a company about health. Now I will show you something interest in this week.

USPP students at the State House

In the American Exploring course, we toured the State Capital Building and met the governor of Vermont.

This is Governor Douglas.

USPP Students with Governor Douglas

My name is Ivy and my Chinese name is Zhang Xuxu. I am from Beijing center, but my hometown is not in Beijing. My hometown is located in northeastern China—Liao Yang City. I think my hometown’s climate is the same as Burlington and that is a good reason why I wanted to study at UVM. Then I know Burlington is a beautiful city and I can find so much green here. This city looks like a landscape picture like one I found on the website. I love that very much. However, the weather is always changing in this summer. After some very hot days, we have some rainy days. So this week it feels a little cooler, which I do not like as much.

Week 8: Andrea Zheng, Catherine Zhang & Estella Wang

August 11th, 2010

Hello everybody.  I’m Andrea. I come from Beijing. We’ve been in the U.S. for nearly two months. So many interesting things occurred in the past two months!  Everything is deeply imprinted in our hearts. When we arrived here, the first impression is green. Everything is so natural. People here are so nice; everyone will smile to each other.

Eating ice cream with Jerry Greenfield!

This week we are still busy with learning. The business and engineering school students are busy with Physics and Business for International Students class; while other students who study the History of Rock-and-Roll and Anthropology are busy for the two final exams. Fortunately, everyone has passed the exam of History of Rock-and-Roll. So, congratulations!

Claire and Andrea as Ben & Jerry

On Friday Jerry Greenfield (co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream) came to our Exploring America class to talk to us.  Then we went to the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory to know the ice cream production process. It’s so cool!

Everybody had a lot of fun there! We took a lot of pictures.  This week we had a really good time in school!


My name is Catherine. I from Kaolan Shanghai center.  Burlington is a really beautiful city.

The professors here are very kind. Our business professor Kevin Chiang invites four  students in our class to his home to have a Chinese meal every week.

Every Friday we have the Exploring America classes. These will help us know more about America. There are some meaningful exercises.  This week we visited Green Mountain Coffee Roasters to learn about their sustainable business practices.  We stopped by their visitors center to have a tour, learn more about them and try their coffees!

All of us are enjoy the study life here in Vermont.


Hello everybody, my name is Estella. I’m from Kaplan Shanghai Center. =)

I can’t believe that I’ve studied in the University of Vermont for about two months! I really learned a lot and enjoy the summer bridge with the other USPP students; however, the end of our summer course is coming.

Anyway, I am going to be an Accounting major this fall.  In this summer, I have taken chemistry lab, English, Business, and Microeconomics. And I think I did a really good job here, lol. (Sounds funny but I’m not kidding!) My hobby is watching movies, (same hobby as Sherry, who wrote the first blog). If any of you want to discuss something about movies, I would like to chat with you guys!

Vermont is full of fresh air, beautiful weather, and the environment is really clean. I took some photos of Burlington, I am not an excellent photographer, but enjoy seeing the photos!

Week 7: William Luo, Lisa Lin and Shine Bi

July 26th, 2010


Hi, everyone! I am William. I am from Shanghai Center. I have a lot of hobbies such as taking photograph. I like all kind of sports especially table tennis because I was a table tennis player. Shanghai is an international city and it is also an image of modern China. Therefore, if you have a chance to go to China you should visit Shanghai. Up to now, we have already stayed 7 weeks at UVM. Step by step, we adapt ourselves in this new atmosphere. UVM is a good place to study. It is full of green and there are a lot of kind people. For me, UVM is the best place to study and I will major in Finance or International Business. I believe I will have an unforgettable experience at UVM. This is the 7th week in UVM and as business students, we have started a new course called Business for International Students this week. Also we have participated in several events in our American Exploring course. We will show you later.

As I mentioned that we had a good time this week especially on Friday.

William suited up to play sled hockey.

We played sled hockey in the Gutterson Arena. How wonderful!! To be honest it is hard to control and I’m deeply admiring these disabled people.

USPP Students on the ice.

We had a good time on the ice.  WOW!

Lisa and her sister.

Hello, everybody! My name is Sixu Lin. You can call me Lisa. I am from Shanghai center, but my hometown is NingDe, FuJian Province. This is a small place and people may not know about this. I love my hometown. People in my hometown all very kind, the same as Vermont. I like music. I think music does not only bring people happiness, but also optimism and adamancy. Also, I have a bad temper and easily get angry. In my mind, music is a pure spring that can calm me down. I can play the piano but not well, only for enjoying myself. We have been in Vermont for 7 weeks. It is a good environment and gives me a good condition to study. Now, I will talk about something fun this week. (This photo is my sister and me. My sister at the right hand)

In American Exploring course, we attended a minor league baseball event. It is a Vermont home game in Burlington. People enjoy this game.

This is an interaction between the toastmaster and audience.


Hello guys. My Chinese name is RongRong Bi, you can call me Shine and RongRong. I come from Qingdao, Shandong province which is a coastal city and a small city like Burlington is. Qingdao has a famous beer; “Qingdao beer” Its taste really good. I have a lot of hobbies, especially music and sports. I like to play basketball, play pool, and play badminton.  I like pop music, soul music, and rock music. Sometimes I play piano. Now I have started skateboarding. I think sports can develop a person’s persistence and patience while music can let people be quiet and develop a person’s self-cultivation. I have been Burlington, VT for seven weeks and feel that the people are very nice and the surroundings are so good. I will tell something interesting we did this week.

Our service learning project.

In our American Exploring course, we visited the Community Economic Development Office in Burlington.  We did a service project with them where we went out to clean the graffiti from the city.

We had a very enjoyable time!

To sum up, we had a good time this week and we hope all of us will have an unforgettable experience in UVM. :)

US-Sino Pathways Students In the Burlington Free Press

July 23rd, 2010

USPP Students in their Anthropology Course

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Week 6: Reeves Zhang, Christine Tao, Jack Hu, Leo Lu

July 21st, 2010


This is Reeves and in this blog my group and I will show you some different experiences we’ve had in Vermont.

The previous posts told you about where you can go visit and I think it’s pretty boring. So this time my group will give you some information about where you can buy  items you want and great restaurants, which can help you have fun in Vermont.


Hello everybody, I’m Jack.  As we all know America is a multicultural country, which you can see through its food.  Burlington is not a very big city but you will see many kinds of food. Burlington is very hot in the summer but swimming is very convenient because we live near the lake.


Hello guys, Christine is talking to you now. What do you want to know about me? Actually, I think I am a typical girl who comes from China Chongqing.

Hot Pot

Since I told you that I’m a Chongqing girl, I do think I have the responsibility to tell you that you can never ever never miss the Chongqing hotpot. How yummy it is! How spicy it is!!!!  Hotpot to Chongqing people is the same as Ben &  and Jerry’s to Vermont people.



See this picture? That’s my hometown.  Chongqing is a nice city, even though a little bit crowded. Why don’t you come here, and have a wonderful trip? If you want, I’m willing to be your tour guide!!! I really have a lot information I want to share with you!!!

Leo!  At North Beach. This is a great place to have fun!

Clare, our Program Assistant!   By Reeves.

Church St.  There are lots of kinds of stores, restaurants and buskers!

The church is at the end of Church St.

Haha, Jack and Reeves. Here is a Sport Café and there are lots of big screens for every kind of sport game to be watched on.  There is also lots of good food.

Koto has really good Japanese food!

This is near the TJMaxx store.

The Christmas Store; you can find lots of good ornaments in this store. It is in the UMall.

Another is in downtown, called Frog Hollow, which has Vermont crafts.

Looks so beautiful!

In downtown.

Week 5: Anna Liu, Katherine Li, Yeva Luo

July 14th, 2010

Our life for fifth week in Vermont

Anna with Yao

Hi everyone. My name is Anna from the Chengdu center. This is my first time to the US. Vermont is a good place to study and I feel everybody in this place is very nice. I want to build my future in this place.


Hello everyone, I am Katherine, from Chongqing China. My major is accounting. Vermont surprised me a lot by its green, variety as well as numerous friendly local people. What I experience here improves my knowledge and makes me feel happy and peaceful. I know that I must enjoy myself all the time in Vermont!!


Hello everyone, I am Yeva and I’m majoring in accounting from Chongqing China. I have stayed in amazing Vermont for about five weeks. I find it surprising how beautiful Vermont is and how friendly the people are. The various green trees and the blue sky make me feel pleasure and calm. I have noticed that I should regard the several study years in Vermont as my most valuable time in my life!

Next: During this week, we had several trips which are meaningful and knowledgeable.

North Beach

On Monday, July 5th 2010, we had a wonderful trip to the beach. We enjoyed the sunshine and cool water. All the classmates were involved and had fun! Some naughty guys threw other classmates who were standing by the beach into the water and played with water and balls together!

On Tuesday, July 6th 2010, we had a meaningful trip to NRG System Corporation. We learned how the wind power was used to save energy and about the management in NRG which is eager to provide a healthy life style for their staff. The staff can enjoy the healthy free lunch on Monday to Thursday; what’s more, they will have a barbecue on Friday. What a wonderful corporation!

Vermont History Museum

On Friday, July, 9th 2010, we took a bus to Montpelier and visited the Vermont History Museum. We saw many historical things in that place. We learned a lot about history in Vermont, such as the native americans, the primitive farming props and so on. What a meaningful day it was.

Finally, we had an amazing meal with Yeva’s Mentor

Hot pot ingredients

On Sunday July 11, 2010, Yeva’s mentor invited us to her home to have a meal. The most amazing thing is that she fully prepared various materials for Chinese hot pot! We were so excited when preparing food for hot pot. Food is quite delicious and we made a deal that we would cook Chinese again soon!

There are some beautiful pictures showing our happy time!

This is what we like best in the Vermont—Green!!

This is our photo when we visit NRG System Corporation.

This photo is taken in the Museum.

Week 4: Yao Tan, Isabel Wang, Rebecca Zou

July 14th, 2010

Living in Burlington – Amazing days!


Hi, everyone! I am Yao Tan and I come from Chengdu city which is famous for the Panda and Spicy food (hotpot!). My major is environmental engineering and I am so impressed by the environment in Vermont, that is, Green is everywhere! I love traveling, outside activities, writing (in Chinese) as well as exploring culture differences and so many other things.  How lucky I am to live in Burlington because there are plenty of new things for me to try.

I used to organize a Chinese traditional culture study group in my high school.  Actually, I did realize some cultural differences when I arrived here. For example, I feel a little bit uncomfortable that Americans always ask you “How are you/ How is it going?” every time they see me, even if they just asked me 2 minutes ago— but, isn’t that interesting?  Go and enjoy more cultural differences! Apparently, I guess I am still in the “Honeymoon” period now, but whatever, just enjoy, enjoy living in the USA!

Now, we want to share these amazing days to you. 3—2—1— let’s start out trip!

Emm…we had a fantastic campus tour.

Blue and Green, that’s awesome!

Hey Amelia, I still remember your signature on my I-20.

Ropes Course! I am flying!

Claire and Isabel

You can play racket ball in the room behind this small door. It’s in our gym. I usually go swimming with Rebecca in the gym too.

Wow, Bob Kiss! Major of Burlington! And I was asking questions to him! Isn’t it amazing?!

We also had a chance to talk with the Senator’s staff. He told me that he had shaken hands with Barack Obama, so I just shook hands with him, and I told him “I feel I am closer to President Obama now.” Then he laughed out.  It was so nice.

If you are major in Engineering, then you will take a course named “Exploring Higher Education in America”. In this course, we visited the colleges around UVM, such as Saint Michael’s College and Community College of Vermont.

Here comes the Independence Day! I went to Williston to see the parade that’s soooo American!!

You can see a lot of Americans dressed like this during that day.

People are waiting for the parade.

Fireman and policeman showed up in this parade. That’s new to me.

In the evening people are waiting for fireworks.

Unlike China, they only watch it once a year— people get so excited.

Fireworks! Yes, it is true that this is not as good as Chinese fireworks; however, sitting on the grass and watching it with so many excited people around you— it is so different and fun! Chinese people sometimes think fireworks are lonely because they fall down after shining, but I did feel very happy and wonderful at that moment, at that time.

Then I just shouted in my heart, “Burlington, I love you!”

Hi, everyone! This is Isabel from Chengdu center. Actually, Nanchong is my hometown, which is famous for silk. We have been at UVM for almost 3 weeks, and everything is gonna be fine here. UVM is a really fascinating school. It is covered by a lot of tall and green trees, fresh air, pure sky and especially cold wind! (We pray the weather would be warmer everyday). So now it is really hot to stay in our dorm; unfortunately, there is no air conditioner! What’s more, maybe I should introduce more about shopping. (Nobody could refuse it~). Burlington is a not a really big city, and shops here are not as similar as in China. If you want to buy some daily stuff, Wal-Mart can be the best place to go. Clothes here are much cheaper; you will spend lower prices to buy more clothes compared to in China. University Mall and down town are both good places to find any clothes you like. Finally, I will major in Accounting during my collage year. And I hope I will have a great journey at UVM!

This is the way to down town. (Almost 20 minutes walking or you can go by bus for free!)

We are acting out Titanic in front of a house! (Isabel & Yao) She is enjoying the show even closes her eyes.  “You stop, I stop!”

Down town! We are coming!

Yao is a really crazy girl; she will sometimes go out of her mind and can’t stop laughing!

We are taking the #1 bus to Wal-Mart.  Rebecca is looking for some handsome guys.  (Joking!!!)

These are snacks I bought in Wal-Mart. Happy shopping!!!

Hello everyone, my name is Rebecca. I am from Chongqing center. We have already been at UVM 4 weeks. In these 4 weeks, students saw beautiful scenery and met friendly people at UVM. Everything seems glorious except one thing left me confused. The confusing thing is glorification. In America, people praise their friends – even strangers. For instance, when I first came to UVM the professor introduced me to local students. Local students said “excellent and great” when they know I’m a USPP student. On the contrary, I think they are dishonest. They might not know what the USPP program is. How do they know it is great? Until the first English lesson, I got the answer. Our professor Dana told us Americans like encouraging people not criticizing people. Americans think criticism is useless if Americans want to improve their habits.  This is a helpful experience to understand Americans and we are still exploring America. It will be exciting to discover other features of America.

Week Three: Lucy Shi, Johnson Li, and Stacy Wang

July 6th, 2010

Our life for the third week in Vermont

Lucy Shi

Hello,I am Lucy from the Kaplan center in Chengdu. I was brought up in Nanchong city and I studied USPP program for about 8 months in Chengdu. Now, I am studying at UVM. This is my third week at UVM. How time flies! Needless to say, I have to learn and overcome many things in America, such as how to improve my communication skills, how to study efficiently and how to live fully.

During my third week at UVM, there are two things that left a deep impression on me. One is that our Program Assistant Wen prepared a wonderful Chinese lunch for the USPP students on Thursday and we all appreciated that.  The other is that we all had the chance to meet with the mayor of Burlington and ask any question we wanted. I have to say that the mayor is kind and we all had an unusual experience that may never happen in China.

By the way, Joe asked us to set a goal for ourselves this week. My goal is to become an interpreter after graduation and I know it will be very hard to make it. In order to achieve this, I have to grasp every opportunity to talk to foreigners and keep reading and writing in my spare time.

Finally, I have to say that I really enjoy my stay at UVM and hope everyone else can get on well with their lives at UVM!


Stacy with Christine

Next: We are taking several kinds of classes at UVM.  English is our most important class because it helps us improve our English skills for writing, reading and speaking.

This is our teacher, Dana Sehovic.

This is our teacher, Dana Sehovic.

These are our classmates.

These are our classmates.

This is our library

This is our library.

Exploring America: This is an interesting class where our teacher will introduce America to us. This class will help us know America more clearly. In this class, we went down town to City Hall and met the Mayor of Burlington and visited the offices of Vermont’s senators.  The mayor and senator’s staff talked to us about how they are working every day.

These are some pictures:

Burlington's City Hall

Mayor Bob Kiss answers student questions.

The whole group makes it on to the platform!

Adventure Ropes Course: Over the weekend we took part in a leadership and team building activity at the UVM Ropes Course.  Our guide, Heidi lead us through many fun activities where we learned more about each other, built trust within our group and spent some time in the woods of Vermont!

Lisa, Rebecca, Christine, Reeves and Johnson

High five from Kofi, our Resident Advisor

Getting ready to swing on the rope

Week 2: Daniel Yuan, Sherry Zhao, Wilson Wang

June 24th, 2010

Hello everyone, we are DSW!!!



Hi, I am Daniel from the Shanghai center. It is my great honor to be selected as a member of the first group to write this blog. We have been here in Vermont for more than a week and this is really a nice place. It is totally different from Shanghai.  There are not many people here in Burlington, but there are a lot more cars than I expected.  I haven’t decided on my major. I change my mind all the time because everything seems to be pretty fascinating to me.  There is a lot that I want to talk about, but I think it is better to show some photos and let you see and feel Burlington.



Hello everyone!  This is Sherry, also from Shanghai, and I am going to study Film and Television studies at the University of Vermont. I really like watching movies and writing. When I was a 15-year-old, I have published a novel named The Memory, but it is in Chinese.  If someone is also interested in movies or writing stories, you can chat with me about that. I want to say that Shanghai is one of the biggest cities in the world. So when I came to UVM and Burlington, I realized that here is a place which is totally different from my hometown. It is without subways, tall buildings & crowded people, so I think this is the best place for studying.  I really enjoy these days and think that all of USPP student also think so. I took some photos and we will show you them.  BTW, it is my pleasure to be selected as one of the blog writers.



Guten tag Alls, mein Name ist Wilson Wolfgang Fritz Nicholas von Richthofen-Wang. (I know it is a really long name to remember:), so calling me Wilson is ok. The reason for that long name is I have lived in Germany for several months and the friends there gave me that. I am originally from Shanghai, China. I really hope I can study in the Medical School in the future to help others. This is my first goal. What’s more, I hope I can speak some more languages. I would like to learn to speak Russian and Latin. I love traveling.  I have been to Germany, Japan, and so on (I actually cannot remember all of them, terrible memory haha :) ) My favorite cities are Osaka and Kyoto. They are all in the Kanxi of Japan; quiet city with normal population and relaxed environment which is really like Burlington. Now Burlington is one of my favorite cities. Here in Vermont, people are friendly like people in Osaka. They are always smiling to the out-lander. Life here is comfortable.  I love this place. It is one of the most wonderful cities to live in and study!!! You know I get this result in comparing all my traveling experience. I told myself, this is it!

Now, let’s take a look at the photos we took. These photos start from our flight to the US , and they show all the major activities we participated in the first two weeks. I really hope that these photos will give you an idea about what we are doing!

On the plane we saw the area of the United States.

There is a windmill in this photo.  I chose this photo because we can see this windmill everyday.(Daniel)

At the front desk of Davis Center, there is “welcome” written in different languages on the wall. I was pretty excited that I found the Chinese one. The most important thing is, my hand is in this photo pointing at “欢迎”.

I can’t believe that the UVM rose a Chinese flag for us!!! We were so excited!

When we first came to Tupper, we saw the big poster which said “WELCOME USPP STUDENTS TO UVM!” We were so HAPPY to see that!

Burlington does not have a lot of people, but there are too many cars here!

Vermont is a state which focuses on environmental protection. In the dinning hall of UVM, we saw this. One napkin at a time, let’s protect the environment!

This is one of my favorite photos. As an engineering student, it took me almost a week to draw a school bus in Kaplan China using AutoCAD. This school bus looks exactly the same as the school bus I drew. (Daniel)

People in Vermont love Jazz.  All kind of Jazz music, which is a fantastic thing to me!

This beautiful house is our Mr. President’s home. So sweet

The president of The University of Vermont, the president of The Student Government, and……the president in our heart.(I am just kidding.)

This is our Chemistry professor, Mr. Flemer. I didn’t recognize him when he was in the lab.  With him is our TA Colleen.

Three tutors for us; Sarah, Paige, and Sam. They are really helpful and friendly. They help all of the USPP students a lot, especially in English writing.

Sherry and Mr. President of the UVM.

The President and Sunny. Sunny seems to know the president very well:)

My friend Kim felt cold, and it was, so I lent my coat to her.

The main street of Burlington.

This is Lake Champlain. It looks normal but there is (probably) a monster in the lake!

I jumped into these two girls photo. They are both good friends and nice guides to the campus.

Daniel just bought a new car in Burlington (joking!).

Wow!  High technology!  At UVM all kinds of equipment is available to the students.

Wilson and Daniel.

The professor of Chemistry lab, Steve. I like him very much. He is an interesting guy.

Most students were focused on the experiment, but I caught some one who is not doing what he is supposed to do. (He is actually the first one who finished the lab).

The name of this photo is” The Professor and a Student”, ignore Wilson.

Steve is helping me and my partner with the experiment.

Dan is doing a test. He was really serious:)

Daniel is eating the ice cream, EAT-IT-ALL!!!!

Dan loves ice cream.