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Australia: International Manual Therapy Collaborative with Bond University on the Gold Coast

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Course Location:
Program Dates:
Summer 2016
Travel Dates: 6/25/2016 - 07/09/2016
PT 352 – 3 credits
Karen Westervelt & Sonya Worth
Program fee is TBD. The program fee does not include Airfare and lunches. Cost of 3 credits of UVM tuition is additional. Students are responsible for obtaining the appropriate vaccinations, including any associated costs. For information on the 30% discount on tuition this Summer, please visit Student Financial Services.
UVM PT 241, PT 242 and PT 349 OR Completion of orthopedic curriculum at an accredited PT School OR Valid Physical Therapy License

Bond-Image-1This 3 credit course is for current Physical Therapy students and/or PT professionals who would like to further their education in manual therapy.

This 3 credit course is for current Physical Therapy students and/or PT professionals who would like to further their education in manual therapy.

Have you noticed that many of the expert Manual Therapists in the world such as Geoffrey Maitland, Robin McKenzie, Brian Mulligan, Stanley Paris, Rob Elvey, David Butler, Jenny McConnell, Gwen Jull, Peter O’Sullivan, Duncan Reid, Michael Monaghan, Wayne Hing and others, come from Australia and New Zealand? Australia is a mecca for manual therapists. We would like to invite you to be part of the International Manual Therapy Collaboration with BOND University on the Gold Coast of Australia.

In this course you will travel to Bond University in Australia to advance your spinal manipulation skills with some of the best manual therapy instructors in the world. This unique physical Therapy course involves a special collaboration between UVM’s Doctorate in Physical Therapy Program, Bond University’s Doctorate of Physiotherapy Program, Auckland University of Technology’s Physiotherapy Program and orthopedic teaching faculty at each University. We will be on the BOND campus for 2 full weeks of classes focusing on teaching you manipulation skills for the cervical, thoracic, lumbar spine and the SIJ. In addition to learning your spinal manipulation skills you will also be learning about health care promotion and assisting BOND DPT students as they work on outreach programs in the community.

We will take advantage of our visit to the World’s smallest continent with its diverse history and rich aboriginal population and learn about cultural differences and their impact on delivery of health care in Australia. In addition, there will be discussions on health care access in the USA and Australia. In 1975 Australia enacted Universal Health Care access. We will study this model to gain insight and ideas that could help the United States move towards remodeling its health care access on a national and state level.

We will enjoy team building activities by traveling as a group around the Gold Coast of Australia. The ocean, beaches, water sports, boating and sports in general are an integral part of the Australian identity. Bond University is just a few kilometers away from Surfer’s Paradise and easily accessible for group outings.