The Online Certificate of Graduate Study in Public Health is an 18-credit graduate level program that is leading the way to improve and protect Environmental Public Health

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Online Certificate of Graduate Study in Environmental Health

Leading the Way to Improve and Protect Environmental Health

Welcome to UVM’s Online Certificate of Graduate Study in Environmental Health.

The Certificate of Graduate Study in Environmental Health is a collaborative graduate level program between the College of Medicine, Continuing and Distance Education and the Graduate College at UVM, in which students earn the entire 18 credits online and can complete the program within one year.

Environmental Health is a dynamic and challenging, multidisciplinary field blending public policy, epidemiology, toxicology, and population health sciences. With growing environmental concerns such as climate change, water quality, and air pollution, and their effects on human and ecosystem, the field of Environmental Health is more important than ever. The UVM Certificate of Graduate Study in Environmental Health is an 18-credit program that gives students the opportunity to explore a range of human health hazards, health promotion strategies, and methods of environmental health practice.

Graduate Students may choose to take this 18 credit online certificate as a stand-alone program or as part of a Masters, MD or PhD program.

Who Should Apply?

  • Medical and graduate students
  • Health practitioners
  • Public health professionals
  • Researchers
  • Environmental specialists
  • Engineers
  • Others who wish to increase their knowledge in the vital field of environmental  health.
  • It also prepares graduates for advanced study at the master’s and doctoral levels.

Whether you simply want to learn more about environmental health issues or you seek a new career in environmental health, research or public health, our Certificate of Graduate Study in Environmental Health program can help further your goals.

Our Online program will teach you how to:

  • Evaluate, promote and improve the health of a wide variety of populations.
  • Explain barriers to public health and give examples of health promotion strategies.
  • Develop and work with a multidisciplinary, collaborative network of professionals in health care, government agencies and non-profit organizations.
  • Learn and practice basic epidemiology skills, such as descriptive epidemiology.
  • Understand environmental factors and exposure routes that affect human health.
  • Navigate the multiple levels of community resources.
  • Prepare for further graduate study or research in public health and related fields.