Online Communication Sciences and Disorders Speech-Language Pathology Pre-Masters Track Certificate Program

UVM Continuing and Distance Education offers an online Communication Sciences and Disorders Speech-Language Pathology Pre-Masters Track Certificate Program (note: this program will be referred to as the SLP Pre-Masters Track Program throughout the rest of this website) to serve the needs of students interested in working towards a Master of Science in Communication Sciences, with a concentration in Speech-Language Pathology, but who do not have the necessary undergraduate coursework to matriculate.

The SLP Pre-Masters Track Program consists of six online prerequisite courses necessary for admission to the UVM Master of Science (MS) in Communication Sciences and Disorders, and to many other similar graduate programs. See chart below outlining curriculum for the program.

A GPA of 2.75 (cumulative or last 60 hours) is required to apply to this program.

An optional Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) Certificate track is also available, which adds three courses to the program, and leads to a UVM certificate documenting that the student has met all ASHA suggested requirements for practicing as an SLPA. In order to gain this SLPA certification, one must take the following three supplemental online courses: CSD 20, 125 and 126, as indicated in yellow on the chart below, in addition to completing the SLP Pre-Masters courses.  Please note:  Information regarding licensure by both the State of Vermont and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), may be found in the websites below. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to check with your state’s Department of Education for licensure requirements, since they vary from state to state: 

ASHA certification

The prerequisite online courses in the Speech Language Pathology Pre-Masters Track are listed below:

  • CSD 022 – Introduction to Phonetics
  • CSD 023 – Linguistics for Clinicians
  • CSD 094 – Development of Spoken Language
  • CSD 101 – Speech & Hearing Science
  • CSD 281 – Cognitive Neuroscience
  • College Level Statistics (e.g., STAT 111)

Sequence of Online Coursework for the Speech Language Pathology Pre-Masters Track Certificate Program

Plus optional SLPA Certificate Requirements

Spring 1 Summer 1 Fall 1 Spring 2 Summer 2
CSD 020
Introduction to Disordered Communication (pre-requisite for CSD 125)
STAT 111
Elements of Statistics
CSD 023
Linguistics for Clinicians
CSD 126
Clinical Experience/Supporting Children with Communication Disorders
CSD 281
Cognitive Neuroscience(pre-requisite CSD 101)
CSD 101
Speech and Hearing Science (pre-requisite for CSD 281) Option: Spring 2
CSD 94
Development of Spoken Language
Option: CSD 94
Development of Spoken Language
Option: CSD 101
if not taken Spring 1 (pre-requisite for CSD 281)
CSD 22
Introduction to Phonetics (pre-requisite for CSD 125)
CSD 125
Clinical Experience/Becoming an SLP-A

(Scroll further down the page to see table of courses being offered in upcoming semesters.)

Note: Courses shaded in yellow are necessary to complete the SLPA program and gain the UVM certificate. While enrolled in CSD 125 and 126 for the SLPA program, 100 hours of clinical practicum experience is completed.

Note: CSD 271 Intro to Audiology and CSD 272 Hearing Rehabilitation are not required in the prerequisite track but may be taken in advance of enrolling in graduate school. They are offered every summer. However, completing CSD 271 at the same time as CSD 281 is challenging, so most students who need both will be cautioned against doing so. They will be encouraged to take CSD 271 and 272 at another time, such as during their graduate program. (CSD 271 is a prerequisite for CSD 272.)

Note: American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) non-CSD prerequisites, if not already completed, are recommended to be taken prior to enrolling in the UVM Master’s program. They are required prior to some other universities’ graduate programs. These are: Biology, Physical Science, Social Science.

SLP Pre-Master’s Track Program Requirements and General Information:

  • A minimum GPA of 2.75 (cumulative or last 60 hours) is required to apply. However, please note that acceptance to UVM’s graduate program, or any other program around the country, is very competitive. Most graduate programs will require a cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0 to be considered for admission. Typically, the applicants we accept for UVM’s graduate program have GPAs well above 3.0 (the average equals about 3.6). Please take this into consideration when applying to the UVM SLP Pre-Masters Track if your GPA is below 3.0. Completion of the UVM SLP Pre-Masters Track does not guarantee acceptance into any graduate program.
  • A complete application consists of two parts: the online application form and a copy of your BA or BS transcripts. Select Apply Now for access to the electronic application form.
  • You must enroll in one or more courses each semester. If you miss two semesters of courses, your UVM account will become inactive and you will have to re-apply to the program.
  • You need not be in the process of applying to the UVM Master of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders to take the pre-requisite courses.
  • Courses may also be taken individually.
  • Additionally, applicants must complete 25 hours of observation of SLPs and/or audiologists and all prerequisite courses or their equivalent before entering the UVM Master’s Program.
  • Additionally, if the SLPA track is chosen, 100 hours of clinical practicum must be completed in conjunction with CSD 125 and 126.
  • Also note that a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution and satisfactory performance on the GRE are required for admission to UVM’s Master’s degree program.

Coursework from the UVM SLP Pre-Masters Track Program may be transferrable to other institutions:

These courses are geared specifically for the requirements of the UVM Master of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Prior to enrolling in UVM’s prerequisite track courses, it is incumbent on the prospective student to check with the intended college or university’s graduate program in Communication Sciences and Disorders for course requirements. You will want to be sure that our courses are transferable to your chosen institution, as requirements vary from institution to institution.

Transfer credits are not accepted for this program, however, courses may be taken individually if only a subset of them are needed. A certificate of completion is only awarded to those who complete all 6 courses in the program. Please contact a Student Advisor at UVM Continuing and Distance Education via the Inquiry button or telephone number at the bottom of this site if you have any questions about this.

Financial Aid information: For students taking all six courses required for graduate admission to UVM:

  • Available financial aid: Limited Federal Stafford Loan funding may be available. Contact Student Financial Services for details:
  • Restrictions/requirements: Aid eligibility is limited to a single, continuous 12-month period. A student must be enrolled in at least 6 credits per semester to receive aid.
  • Students who have previously received financial aid for non-degree coursework are ineligible.
  • Getting started:
  1. Complete the FAFSA online at
  2. Watch for an email notifying you of outstanding requirements on your account. Once you receive the email notice, access your student account and complete the Non-Degree Certification (Intent to Enroll) requirement.