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2014 Conference Materials


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Opening General Session:

Vermont slides

Concurrent Sessions, Day 1:

Session 2:

2A. Copyright Essentials for Educators, Steve McDonald, J.D.

UVM 2014 – Copyright 1

UVM 2014 – Copyright 2

UVM 2014 – Copyright 3

2B. Relationships Between Institutions and Inter/National Fraternal Organizations: Promotion of Shared Values at the Senior Level

Building Relationships at the Senior Level through Shared

FEA Campus Recognition of Fraternities

FEA Campus Support Teams

FEA White Paper final


NPC Standards

Session 3:

3A. Current Trends in Student Labor Organizing: Student Athletes and Graduate Students


Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

Exhibit 3

Exhibit 4

Exhibit 5

Exhibit 6

Exhibit 7

Exhibit 8

Exhibit 9

Exhibit 10

Exhibit 11

Exhibit 12

Exhibit 13

Exhibit 14

Exhibit 15

3B.  Mental Health/Suicide Prevention: Are We Communicating the Right Message?

Langford – messaging suicide-MH – Handout & resource list – VT conference change graphic- V3 FIN

Top 10 reasons to visit the Suicide Prevention Resource Ctr website 2014

Langford slides – Sucide Prevention Messaging – VT legal issues conference 10-13- 14 FIN.

Session 4:

4A.  A New Approach to Identifying Hazards and Associated Risk to Campus Public Safety

Legal Issues Conference October 2014
4B. Student Alcohol Use: Trends and Best Practices for Supporting Healthy Behavior

Impact of Online Ed Video and Med Am Pol

Med Amnesty.Coalition.2014

Medical Amnesty Policies Research is Needed

UVM Law and Policy presentation

Concurrent Sessions, Day 2:

Session 5:

5A.  Have Risk, Will Travel – Part I: Managing the Business Aspects of Study Abroad

International Travel with Students Policy [sample]

LI 2014 Int Risk Pt 1

5B.  Title IX, Meet Clery. Clery, Meet Title IX — Implementing the VAWA Amendments to the Clery Act

Healy Nolan VAWA Update October 2014

Nolan Paper re VAWA Title IX October 2014 (B1289819)

TIX Training Matrix_new

Session 6:

6A.  FERPA Essentials for Educators

UVM 2014 – FERPA 1

UVM 2014 – FERPA 2

UVM 2014 – FERPA 3

6B. The Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act and Campus Threat Assessment

VAWA and Campus Threat Assessment Nolan Van Horn LIHE 2014 (B1289861)

Session 7:

7A. The National Center for Campus Public Safety: Overview of Services, Mission and Resources

National_Center_Presentation_MAR 14

7B. Integrating Students Into Campus Safety and Compliance Efforts

Student Voices UVM 14

Session 8:

8A. Campus Safety vs. Student Development: Who Wins the Battle When Student Organizations Misbehave

Who Wins VT 14
8B. Have Risk, Will Travel – Part II: Managing Student Affairs Issues and Compliance Abroad

International Travel with Students Policy [sample]

LI 2014 Int Risk Pt 2

Concurrent Sessions, Day 3:

Session 9:

9A. Building a Bystander Education Initiative

Building a Bystander Education Initiative
9B. President Obama’s Taskforce to Protect Students from Sexual Assault

UVM-Task Force Slides

Not Alone Policy Checklist

Not Alone Report April 2014

White House Task Force Summary 9B

Session 10:

10A. Sexual Assault Training for Your Campus

Training Resources Sex Assault 2014-9

Sexual Assault Training Franke

Guide for Discipline Panels on Sexual Violence for Distribution
10B. Get Your Own Coffee: The FLSA and Other Legal Considerations for Managing Internship Programs

Applied Learning Red Flags

Legal Issues With Student Workers Primer

Paid versus Unpaid Internships Statement for Board Review – January 2014