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2013 Conference Materials


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The Fundamentals of Higher Education Law – A Primer for Non-Lawyers – Lori Fox, J.D. and Barbara Lee J.D.

UVM 13 Fox Lee Primer

Opening General Session:

Facilitator U. vs. Compliance U.

In 1999 The Rights and Responsibilities of the Modern University launched a new and highly influential paradigm for student affairs and the law of college student safetythe facilitator university. The substantially revised and updated second edition of Rights and Responsibilities includes discussion of recent judicial, legislative and regulatory college safety mandates, modern risk management and prevention practices, and the explosion in college safety and wellness issues (suicide, active shooter violence, sexual assault etc.) while remaining faithful to the core vision of the first edition. The second edition also addresses the disturbing rise of a new nemesis of the facilitator university “Compliance U.” Crushing new regulatory burdens significantly impact academic freedom and autonomy, and may interfere with the facilitator’s chief goal of creating a sustainable, reasonably safe and responsible college environment.

– Peter F. Lake, Professor of Law, Charles A. Dana chair and director of the Center for Excellence in Higher Education Law and Policy at Stetson University College of Law.

Peter Lake Keynote_Vermont 2013 Notes

Opening General Session with Deli Buffet Lunch:

Concurrent Sessions, Day 1:

Session 1:

1A.  President Obama’s Affordability and Quality Initiative for Higher Education – Reformation or Retrograde? – Peter Lake, J.D.

Peter Lake CommentaryResource List_Vermont 2013

Peter Lake Breakout Session_Vermont 2013_Notes

1B. Affirmative Action in Admissions after the Supreme Court Decision in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin – Lawrence White J.D.

Affirmative Action Outline

Larry White – Affirmative Action in Admissions_october 14

1C. Legal and Practical Issues Associated with Faculty Early Retirement Programs and the Greying of the Academic Workforce – Ann Franke, J.D.

ACE faculty retirement legal issues paper Franke

Session 2:

2A. Introduction to The National Center for Campus Public Safety – Dr. Gary Margolis and Steven Healy

2B. Current Issues in College Athletics – Eleanor Myers, J.D.

2013 Vermont Athletics Materials

2C. Academic Freedom and Highly Provocative Speech on Campus: Managing Controversy on Campus – Barbara Lee, J.D. and Ann Franke, J.D.

UVM 13 Academic Freedom and Highly Provocative Speech Lee + Franke-1

Academic Freedom and Provocative Speech

CAMPUS DISCIPLINE FOUNDATION – General Order-1 stoner___lowery_JCUL_2004_cropped

Concurrent Sessions, Day 2:

Session 3:

3B. Privacy Issues Surrounding Employer Access to Hardware and Email Accounts – Trevor Hughes

UVM — Privacy and the Employer 3 slides

3C. Purloining Faculty Intellectual Property: CourseHero, Sparknotes, Cramster, and the General Problem of Using Student Codes of Conduct to Enforce Institutional Copyright Policies – Dr. Jim Lancaster and Dr. Diane Waryold and Robert Terrell, J.D.


Bullets for Purloining Session Final

Session 4:

4A. Emerging Issues in Social Media: Applicant, Student, and Employee Issues – John Myers, J.D.

Vermont2013-Social Media_Notes

4B. The Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act: Compliance and Excellence in Responding – Kim Novak and Jeff Nolan, J.D.

Campus SaVE Compliance and Excellence Presentation LIHE 2013_Notes

Resources for SaVE




4C. Compliance for Smaller Institutions: Organizing an Effective Compliance Program When Cost is an Object – Lori Fox, J.D.

Compliance Resources for Vermont 2013


Session 5:

5A. FERPA Update – Steve McDonald, J.D.

Vermont 2013 – FERPA Updates 1 – Handout Version

Vermont 2013 – FERPA Updates 2 – FERPA Overview

Vermont 2013 – FERPA Updates 3 – FERPA Regulations

Vermont 2013 – FERPA Updates 4 – New FPCO Model Annual Notice

Vermont 2013 – FERPA Updates 5 – RISD Annual Notice

Vermont 2013 – FERPA Updates 6 – Model Parent Disclosure and Consent Form

Vermont 2013 – FERPA Updates 7 – RISD Parent Forms

Vermont 2013 – FERPA Updates 8 – Sample Letter to Lawyer

Vermont 2013 – FERPA Updates 9 – Sample Letter to Law Enforcement

5B. Legal Ethics: Representing Institutional Officials in Criminal Matters, Focusing on the Special Problems that Arise Under ABA Model Rule of Professional Conduct 1.1 – Marcia Isaacson, J.D.

5C. The Nightmare of Obtaining Necessary State Approvals for Distance Education Programs: Legal Barriers, Solutions, Potential Relief or Academic Integrity in DE – Dr. David Longanecker


Concurrent Sessions, Day 3:

Session 6:

6A. The Good, Bad and Ugly of Student Conduct Administration: Tips on Working Wisely - Dr. Jim Lancaster and Dr. Diane Waryold

Finished Outline GoodBadUgly8’27

6B. The National Labor Relations Board and the Future of Collective Bargaining – Nick DiGiovanni, J.D.

Collective Bargaining

NLRB and the Future of Collective Bargaining_Notes

6C. Emerging Issues in Accommodating Students with Autism, Autism-Related Spectrum Disorders, and Other Cognitive Disabilities  – Jeff Nolan, J.D. and Dr. Manju Banerjee

LIHE 2013 ADA Session Notes

Session 7:

7A. Students in Crisis: Understanding Harm to Self, Harm to Others, and Associated Legal Complexities (Title II) – Susan Wheeler, J.D.

UVM Threat to Self 9.5.13

UVM Disabled Students and Threat to Self_Notes

7B. Basic Principles of Immigration Law Governing Students, Faculty and Staff – Leigh Polk Cole, J.D.

Immigration Law Notes

7C. Beyond the Dear Colleague Letter: What to Do, and What to Avoid, When Responding to Sexual Assault on Campus – Jeff Nolan, J.D. and Sue Ritter

Dinse Beyond DCL Responding to Sexual Violence on Campus 2013

Session 8:

8A. What Higher Education Administrators Need to Know About the Affordable Care Act – Student Health Insurance, Adjunct Faculty Members, and a Mind-Boggling Array of Other Issues – Harvey Cotton, J.D.

Affordable_Care Notes

8B. Best Strategies for Protecting Minors: Shaping the Future with Lessons from the Past – Ann Franke, J.D.

Best Strategies for Protecting Minors

8C. Coping with Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches: Legal and Operational Issues – Lawrence White, J.D. and Trevor Hughes