Erik Harbison“To be a successful digital marketing professional in today’s changing landscape requires more than a blog, Facebook page, banner ad or email address. Success is based on understanding how to connect with a customer’s needs and wants. This course is designed to educate students on the core and emerging channels of digital marketing. Students will gain a new understanding for the ‘how’ behind these channels and why these channels are critical for solving the marketing challenges of brands today.”

- Erik Harbison, Lead Instructor
Digital Marketing Fundamentals Professional Certificate

“I decided to enroll in the UVM Digital Marketing Fundamentals Program to learn new ways to grow the Trimaco business with one of our key customers, The Home Depot. The diversity of background & experience of all my instructors provided far more insights than I anticipated. I can now plan with a fresh confidence and deeper insights our digital / online business with Home Depot. I highly recommend the class.”

Bill Dunwoodie, National Account Director

“As a UVM alum, this class was one of my favorite classes. Through the class, I gained a better understanding of key concepts such as CPC, PPC, PLA, and SEO, which I was able to apply towards my work. I would recommend this class to prospective students. In the age of the internet, it’s very important to understand the different channels that brands are using to connect with their customers, and better market their products and services.”

- Tashia Phillips, Associate Brand Manager

Michelle St. Onge“I enrolled in the Digital Marketing certificate course to help me up my game in my role recruiting international students for SUNY Plattsburgh. All of the instructors came with impressive credentials as experienced professionals, and freely shared the tricks of the trade with the class. I learned more than I expected to, and highly recommend the course to others.”

- Michelle St. Onge, Marketing & Communication Specialist
SUNY Plattsburgh – Global Education Office

Rhianna R. Taniguchi“I recently completed UVM’s Digital Marketing Fundamentals Professional Certificate and was very impressed with the quality of the instructors and the content we covered during the course. This course helped me develop confidence as a digital marketer and gave me the ability to articulate the capabilities and best practices of digital marketing. I spent over six months looking for a digital marketing course and this course was shared with me by my mentor. I have already recommended this course to my colleagues and friends.”

- Rhianna R. Taniguchi, Account Executive
The Denver Post

“I chose this class because it was hands-on and encouraged collaboration and feedback from the get-go – and promised to get me out of the insular world of being in-house at a non-profit. Every week, my confidence grew in my ability to provide and give feedback and I was exposed to resources that left staff at work impressed with my new digital knowledge. As a bonus, I also got to test ideas for products in development, which strengthened my project management skills. One of the greatest professional development investments I’ve participated in.”

- Alice Christman
The Chesapeake Bay Foundation