The Healthcare Management Certificate courses are offered online and on campus.

Required Courses (15 credits total)
One course is required from each of the five core competency areas:

Healthcare Management
BSAD 331/PA 312 Healthcare Management

Healthcare Policy & Current Trends
PH 305/PRNU 315 Policy, Organization & Finance in Healthcare ONLINE or PA 325 Healthcare Policy

Biomedical Informatics
CTS 271 Intro to Biomedical Informatics or CTS 272 Applied Biomedical Informatics

Financial Analysis & Decision Making
BSAD 395 Strategic Planning in Healthcare or EC 230 Health Economics Evaluation
PA 395 Health Finance ONLINE course

Healthcare Ethics
HLTH 295/296 Ethics for Healthcare Professionals ONLINE or PA 307 Administrative Ethics

One Elective Course (3 credits)

Note: Prerequisites may apply. Please check the course descriptions.

Work with your advisor to choose one elective.
Suggested courses:

BSAD 376 Management of Change in Organizations
BSAD 222 Human Resource Management
PA 301 Fundamentals of Public Administration
PA 302 Org Theory and Behavior
PA 305 Public & Non-Profit Budgeting
PA 306 Policy Systems
PA 308 Decision-Making Models
PA 311 Policy Analysis & Program Evaluation
PA 313 Public Policy Implementation
PA 317 Systems Analysis
PA 318 Admin Theory & Practice
PA 321 Negotiation & Mediation
PA 323 Non-Profit Administration
PA 334 Organizational Behavior and Cultures
PH 301 Public Health & Health Policy ONLINE
PH 302 Epidemiology I ONLINE
PH 304 Environmental Public Health ONLINE
PH 310 Public Health Law & Ethics ONLINE
PH 311 Global Public Health ONLINE
PH 312 Food Systems & Public Health ONLINE
PH 305 Policy, Organization & Financing of Health Care ONLINE
PSYCH 240 Organizational Psychology ONLINE

Suggested Track for One-Year Completion

PA 312/BSAD 331 Healthcare Management ONLINE
PH 305/GRNU 315 Policy, Organization & Finance ONLINE

Elective course
HLTH 295/296 Ethics for Healthcare Professionals ONLINE

CTS 271 Intro to Biomedical Informatics
PA 395/BSAD 395 Strategic Planning in Healthcare ONLINE