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Healthcare Management


Healthcare Management Certificate

Our 18-credit Certificate in Healthcare Management is designed to meet the needs of busy professionals. Core areas cover Healthcare Management, Healthcare Policy, Financial Analysis and Decision Making, Biomedical Informatics, and Healthcare Ethics This graduate-level program, open to anyone with a bachelor’s degree and a GPA of 3.0 or higher, is designed for:

  • Healthcare professionals in medicine, nursing, occupational or physical therapy, pharmacy, or related areas
  • Non-clinical professionals in insurance industries, government agencies, human-services agencies, non-profits, and healthcare companies
  • Studentscompleting graduate studies in medicine, nursing, occupational or physical therapy, pharmacy, business, or public administration
  • Anyone interested in a career in healthcare administration or potential leadership in a healthcare field

Highlights include:

Career Spotlight

The Master of Public Health (MPH) degree is a 42-credit online graduate program that helps you explore public health and policy issues while gaining a strong foundation in population health sciences. Our program leads to a Generalist MPH degree focused on excellence in Environmental Public Health; Quantitative Public Health Sciences; and Health Policy, Leadership, and Advocacy.

You can complete the program in two years (full-time) or up to five years (part-time). Whether you want to learn more about public health issues or seek a career in health care, research, or public health, our program can help further your goals by teaching you to: