Licensed Nursing Assistant Program


Continuing Education at the University of Vermont is pleased to offer an opportunity for UVM nursing students to become licensed nursing assistants (LNAs) in an intensive, five-week summer training program offered by the University of Vermont Medical Center.

What LNAs do:  LNAs provide direct patient care under the supervision of nurses.   LNAs measure vital signs and assist patients with ambulation, bathing, and activities of daily living.  LNAs are employed in hospitals, long-term care facilities, home health, and out-patient offices.

What are the benefits of training as an LNA while studying to be a registered nurse?

  • Complete the LNA training course in 5 weeks and prepare for testing to obtain licensure
  • Obtain employment in the health care field
  • Gain familiarity and comfort with basic patient care skills prior to junior year clinical assignments

Curriculum: The University of Vermont Medical Center LNA Training Program is approved by the Vermont State Board of Nursing and taught by a master’s prepared nurse educator who is the hospital’s LNA training program administrator as well as an LNA certification tester for the state. It includes didactic instruction, lectures from hospital specialists, skills practice, and six days of supervised clinical experience on inpatient units at the University of Vermont Medical Center.

Topics include:

  • Basic patient care skills
  • Infection control
  • Fall prevention
  • Electronic medical records training
  • Vital sign monitoring
  • Mental health and psychosocial skills
  • Care of cognitively impaired clients
  • Communication skills
  • State law and patient rights
  • Nursing team skills

When:  Summer 2015
Classroom Days: Monday – Friday 8:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Clinical Shifts: Monday – Friday 7:00 – 3:30 p.m.


Students do not need to purchase a stethoscope. UVM MC provides (in patient rooms).

Students will need to purchase scrubs for clinical days. LNA trainee’s are not allowed to wear green UVM scrubs, (green scrubs would mistakenly identify you as a RN student, not LNA trainee). It is important that hospital staff know you are currently learning LNA skills and do not expect you to perform RN skills.

Scrubs for classroom days can be scrubs of your choice (patterns are fine, any other color is fine). Any patterns or words must be workplace –appropriate.

Dress for classroom days is “professional” or “business casual.” No jeans, no shorts, no tank tops.

Students will need non-slip, closed-toe shoes for clinical. No heels, no sandals, no flip-flops.

Please do not wear items that can get caught or tangled.

Following successful completion of the course, students will be eligible to take the LNA licensure exam. The exam is given by Pearson Vue and costs $130. Students that pass the exam can apply for a state license. There is a $20 fee to the state for licensure. UVM MC will provide more information regarding the state exam process.

UVM MC will provide a ‘LNA Trainee’ name tag for a fee of $5.00 cash. Please bring $5 and pass along to your instructor on day one of the program. Name tag is required.

Following successful completion (passing the final written and practical exams) of the training program, you will be eligible for a temporary LNA license from the VT State Board of Nursing. You will be eligible to take the state licensure exam for a permanent LNA license once documentation of successful completion of your training has been submitted by UVM MC and approved by the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program. Approval to take the licensure exam for a permanent LNA license can take from two to four weeks. Program tuition does not include fees for the state licensure exam. UVM does not guarantee that you will pass the LNA licensure exam and no refunds are provided if you do not pass exam.

If accepted to the LNA training program, you must allow and pass a criminal background check in order to participate in clinical training and complete the program. UVM MC will provide information regarding this process.

Who:  The program has limited seats; admission is competitive and open to UVM nursing majors currently completing freshman year. Students must apply.

Tuition: Non-credit tuition fee per student. Tuition does not include fees for state test licensure exam and does not include $5 UVM MC name tag issued on first day of program. You will be asked to provide payment of $5 directly to instructor/UVM MC for name tag.