Courses & Curriculum

Course Requirements

The Certificate in Healthcare Management is an 18 credit program, 6 courses: 15 core credits (5 courses) & 3 elective credits (1 course).

Healthcare Management courses are offered online and on campus. For more information about online courses see the Online FAQ’s.

Required Courses (15 credits total)

One course is required from each of the five core competency areas:

Healthcare Management
BSAD 331/PA 312 Healthcare Management

Healthcare Policy & Current Trends
PH 305/PRNU 315 Policy, Organization & Finance in Healthcare ONLINE or PA 325 Healthcare Policy

Biomedical Informatics
CTS 271 Intro to Biomedical Informatics or CTS 272 Applied Biomedical Informatics

Financial Analysis & Decision-Making
BSAD 395 Strategic Planning in Healthcare or EC 230 Health Economics Evaluation
PA 395 Health Finance ONLINE course

Healthcare Ethics
HLTH 295/296 Ethics for Healthcare Professionals ONLINE or PA 307 Administrative Ethics

One Elective Course (3 credits)

Note: Prerequisites may apply. Please check the course descriptions.

Work with your advisor to choose one elective.
Suggested courses:

BSAD 376 Management of Change in Organizations
BSAD 222 Human Resource Management
PA 301 Fundamentals of Public Administration
PA 302 Org Theory and Behavior
PA 305 Public & Non-profit Budgeting
PA 306 Policy Systems
PA 308 Decision-Making Models
PA 311 Policy Analysis & Program Evaluation
PA 313 Public Policy Implementation
PA 317 Systems Analysis
PA 318 Admin Theory & Practice
PA 321 Negotiation & Mediation
PA 323 Non-Profit Administration
PA 334 Organizational Behavior and Cultures
PH 301 Public Health & Health Policy ONLINE
PH 302 Epidemiology I ONLINE
PH 304 Environmental Public Health ONLINE
PH 310 Public Health Law & Ethics ONLINE
PH 311 Global Public Health ONLINE
PH 312 Food Systems & Public Health ONLINE
PH 305 Policy, Organization & Financing of Health Care ONLINE
PSYCH 240 Organizational Psychology ONLINE

Suggested Track for One-Year Completion

PA 312/BSAD 331 Healthcare Management ONLINE
PH 305/GRNU 315 Policy, Organization & Finance ONLINE

Elective course
HLTH 295/296 Ethics for Healthcare Professionals ONLINE

CTS 271 Intro to Biomedical Informatics
PA 395/BSAD 395 Strategic Planning in Healthcare ONLINE

Spring 2015

PA 302 Z1
  • Eileen Anderson
to Wed to 311919
PA 306 ZRA
  • Curtis Ventriss
to Mon to 311965
PA 312 OL1 (online)

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  • Catherine Hamilton
to N/ASee Notes 313314
PA 317 Z1
  • Staff
to Tue to 312014
PA 323 Z1
  • Jane Van Buren
to Tue to 311727
PH 302 OL1 (online)

Only 1 Seat Available, Register Soon!

  • Matthew Thomas
to N/ASee Notes 314747
PH 396 OL1 (online)
  • Catherine Hamilton
to N/ASee Notes 314745

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Summer 2015


There are no courses that meet this criteria.