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Recruit - Fill Your Academic Year Course

*Please note that the course list in the pdf was a tentative list at the time of printing and is not the most current information. For a full list of academic year courses, please follow this link.

What are the best practices for ensuring healthy academic year enrollments?

Based on the experience of many faculty who have taught for Continuing Education, we have compiled this list of suggestions to increase enrollments throughout the academic year:

  • Ensure students have access to all the important, decision-making information for reviewing your course: a thorough course description, a syllabi (tentative or sample syllabi can be as informative), typical assignments or recommended reading lists, and your curriculum vitae. This information can be submitted to now and will be included in your course listing on our Continuing Education website.
  • Make announcements in your current courses regarding your upcoming offering. Ask your colleagues to make similar announcements in their classes as well.
  • Ask student services staff to disseminate your course information to students in advising sessions or through email updates. Focus on what requirements your course will fulfill to help students make progress in their degrees.
  • Email your advisees and students who have previously taken courses with you. Use the email template available. Word of mouth is a highly successful route to increasing enrollments.
  • Direct students to use the Continuing Education website for course selection at Due to our use of the "interest list" we are able to work with you to manage enrollment limits and provide additional sections based on student need and demand.
  • Faculty need to post Expanded Section Descriptions for their courses. Expanded Section Descriptions (ESDs) provide a more in depth description of courses than is possible in the brief twenty-five word course descriptions in the University Catalog. This information will help students make informed choices, and this is especially important in light of the changes in the Add/Drop policy that will take effect in Spring 2012. The ESDs will be available via link from the course listings in the Schedule of Courses. The development of ESDs was a collaborative effort of the Faculty Senate, the Provost's Office, the Registrar's Office, the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Student Government Association. See an illustration of link to Expanded Course Descriptions here:

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What tools are available to me to assist in recruiting students for my course?

Continuing Education maintains a searchable database of courses on its website. As a course reaches its enrollment limit, an “interest” form is generated for students to complete to express their desire to take the course. Working with faculty, our staff manages these students to increase capacity in the course, add sections or steer students to other courses that meet their needs.  Please encourage students to use this course list so we are collecting the interest information centrally and can work with you to recruit students to your course.

Additionally, we offer faculty a variety of tools for promoting your course. Utilizing the best practices highlighted above, please use the following items at your discretion:

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How can I stay up to date on my current enrollment status?

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