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If I have a programmatic question, who do I contact?

Continuing Education is organized by program teams. Contact information is listed below. Please feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss new course or program ideas.

Summer/AY Administration 656-4390
Arts Team 656-5806
Business Team 656-4051
Environment Team 656-4174
Global Team 656-8439
Health Team 656-0639
Education Team 656-5797
General Questions 656-4390

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What is the Planning Timeline?

There are three cycles each year for offering courses: Fall, Spring/WinterSession, and Summer. If you have a new course idea, you should contact a Continuing Education Curriculum Planner regarding a realistic planning timeline.


Instructor contact college/department/CDE if interested in teaching. Continuing & Distance Education will reach out to individual College’s & Departments to start the course build, per term.   September November June
Banner system access opens for colleges,  departments to proceed with building courses (in Banner system).  Early October Early December End of July
CDE course will be posted to the web
for students to preview prior to registration.  
Mid November Mid March Mid October
 Course registration opens to students.     Mid February Early April Mid November
Gathering for faculty/department/instructors.    Mid March    


Tracey Gauthier
(802) 656-4390
Contact us

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What requirements must I have to teach at UVM?

Generally, you must have a Master's degree in the discipline that you would be teaching. You must also be approved by a UVM department to teach as an adjunct instructor in Continuing Education. Click here to see a list of departments/course codes.

CO-TEACHING: If you are interested in co-teaching a course, all of the above criteria must be met for BOTH instructors and the standard salary will be shared among instructors.

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What are the different ways (format, delivery) I can teach a course?

Courses can be offered throughout the year in a variety of formats and designs, though we do follow the UVM academic calendar for Fall and Spring semesters:

  1. "Live" or Face-to-Face
  2. Online
  3. Interactive Television (ITV)
  4. Faculty-Led Travel-Abroad (FLPA) or Travel-Study
  5. Hybrid, combining any of the above-mentioned formats for delivery

For more information, below are further details about each mode of delivery:

  1. Live or Face-to-Face Courses
    • Require everyone to meet in person
    • Can meet on-campus at UVM
    • Can meet off-campus at various locations as needed or desired (schools, businesses, etc.)
  2. Online Courses
    • Require instructors to administer a virtual classroom
    • Students and instructors do not typically meet in person
    • Synchronous, or Live Online, where everyone "meets" in an online environment at a designated time
    • Asynchronous via Blackboard, a program that allows everyone to come and go as is convenient for them
    • The online learning management system at UVM is available to all instructors who are teaching a course. A Blackboard space will be setup automatically for you to post materials and to communicate with students. The Blackboard log in page can be found here

    Teaching an online course? Online instructors using Blackboard should make the course available to enrolled students the Friday prior to start of your course. You should also notify students via email when the online course is available. Students will then be able to log into Blackboard and start reviewing course materials. Blackboard support for students and instructors is available by clicking on Help at the top of the Blackboard log in page at Instructor support for online course conversion, media development and other technical aspects is also available. Please direct your questions to Jennifer Pigeon at or by calling 802-656-0916.

    If you are a new instructor and are scheduled for Blackboard training, you will need to set up a UVM NetID and be activated in the UVM payroll system. If you need assistance with accessing a UVM NetID, please contact Weston Shepherd at or by calling 802-656-4080.

  3. For more information regarding online courses please contact Jennifer Pigeon at 656-0916 or

  4. Interactive Television (ITV) Courses
    • Utilize networked connectivity at designated sites so an entire class can meet though some students are at a distance
    • There are specific logistic considerations, so please contact a Continuing Education Curriculum Planner for more information.
  5. Faculty-Led Travel-Abroad (FLPA) or Travel-Study Courses
    • Incorporate travel, whether domestic or international, as part of the course requirement
    • when planning a travel-study course please contact a member of our Global Team to indicate your interest.
    • If your course will be held out of the country or in another state, please review terms and conditions posted on the Office of International Education (OIE) web site. You are responsible for complying with guidelines set forth by UVM's Risk Management office:
  6. Hybrid Course options include (but are not limited to):

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How should I design my course meeting pattern?

Definition of "Credit Hour" as approved by the Faculty Senate and University President (March 2011)
  1. One hour of classroom or direct faculty instruction and a minimum of two hours of out-of-class student work each week for approximately fifteen weeks for one semester of credit or the equivalent amount of work over a different amount of time; or
  2. At least an equivalent amount of work as required in point (1) of this definition for other academic activities as established by the institution in-cluding laboratory work, internships, practica, studio work, and other academic work leading to the award of credit hours.

CREDIT AND CONTACT HOURS: Courses must achieve a credit hour to contact hour ratio of 1:15. A "contact hour" requires direct interaction in a course setting between students and instructor(s). Please reference the table below to identify how many contact hours you need to deliver the content of your course for the desired credit hour status.

Credits Contact Hours
112.5 to 15
225 to 30
337.5 to 45


All class sections using general purpose classrooms must use the standard begin and end times for all days of the pattern. Standard meeting patterns for academic year can be found here and summer can be found here.

Final Exams for all Fall and Spring Continuing Education courses are scheduled through the UVM Registrar along with all other University courses. The schedule is typically generated just prior to the start of classes. Please reference the Final Exam Schedule Page off of the Registrar's home page for the current semester to determine when your exam should be administered.

Exams for Summer courses should be administered at the last scheduled course meeting.

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How do I obtain department approval?

(Email qualifies, but it MUST be submitted to Continuing Education.)

If YES, please continue.
If NO, please see steps above. Contact a Continuing Education Curriculum Planner with questions.

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How and when do I indicate room and format preferences**?

Once you've received course approval, please fill out the Course Proposal (CP) Form Questionnaire and email it to the appropriate academic department.

On the form, please ensure mention of specific requests in order to ensure a room assignment that fits your instructional needs. Click here to view media equipment available in specific campus rooms. **Room and building requests are NOT guaranteed.

Air Conditioning

Air-Conditioned facilities on-campus are limited and in high demand during the Summer months. Please indicate in the CP Form Questionnaire if a design component of your course requires air-conditioning.

Room Change Requests

Once a room has been assigned to your course for the upcoming term, switching it to another space is extremely unlikely. Please refer to the criteria contained on the online Room Change Request Form and submit it if you want to pursue this process.

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What course expenses are covered or allowed?

Planning for Course Expenses - REVISED PROCESS beginning Summer 12

All Continuing Education course budgets account for faculty salary* and a $30.00 allowance for photocopying. Any other additional expenses and fees must first be submitted with the course via email at and approved by Continuing Education. Please include a detailed itemization of the fees and expenses.

Examples of proposed expenses may include photocopying beyond $30.00, guest lecturer honoraria, teaching assistants, and lab/program fee expenses. Some general guidelines for each of these expenses are as follows:

  • All approved course expenses depend on sufficient course enrollments.
  • These expenses and fees should be submitted prior to date of when registration opens for each semester.
  • Requests for expense reimbursement need to be submitted within 2 weeks of course completion.
  • Travel Course expenses need to be submitted within 20 business days of the travel return date, whichever is sooner.
  • Lab fee requests on CE courses need prior approval through the same process. This also applies to department fees.
  • You will be notified by Continuing Education on the approval status of your expense and fee requests. Approved expenses will be reimbursed according to University guidelines.
  • Any questions, please contact (802) 656-2085.
  • Click here to submit a request for a Teaching Assistant.

* If you have never received payment from UVM or if you have not been paid by UVM within the past calendar year of your start date, please contact Sally Libby-Baldwin in CE Finance, via phone at 802-656-5816 or via email at

I-9 Federal Regulation: I-9 payroll paperwork for faculty must be completed prior to beginning work.

Operating Expenses not supported by Continuing Education:

  • Food, faculty/student text books, parking permits, and CatCards.

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How do I order books or other materials for my course?

Approximately three months prior to the start of your course you will need to place your book orders with the University Bookstore. Please fill in the textbook requisition form or email all of the required information to or

Information Required for Ordering Books

    The information needed for each book you plan to order is:
  • Author
  • Title
  • ISBN number
  • Publisher
  • Quantity
  • Whether or not it is a Required Text or Recommended Text for students
    Other information you will need to provide to complete the order:
  • Your name
  • Academic department
  • Course prefix (i.e. ENGS for English)
  • Course Registration number (six-digit code can be found on Registrar's course listing)
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address.

Please call Denise Bora at 656-3290 if you have any questions.

Creating Course Packets

If you have hard copy materials that you would like to have reproduced and bound into a student guide to be sold in the bookstore as one of your texts, please consult with UVM Print and Mail Services located at the Davis Center or at (802)656-5886. They will orient you to the array of publishing options at your disposal. Once produced, the student guides will be delivered to the bookstore to place on the shelves for sale.

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What is a Course Assignment Letter?

Four to six weeks prior to the start of the upcoming term, you will receive one faculty contract per course you teach. The contract will be emailed to your UVM email address for electronic signature and will contain:

  • Compensation information
  • Links to union information as appropriate
  • A separate appendix with important deadlines and information

Continuing Education is required by the Provost's Office to have a signed faculty contract for each course we administer. Please return a signed copy of your assignment letter PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY OF THE CLASS YOU ARE TEACHING to avoid a delay of payment.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your assignment letter, please contact Continuing Education.

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