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How should I structure grading criteria for my course?

You will need to determine the exact evaluation criteria for your course assignments, participation, and projects based on the content, course design, and learning outcomes. Students taking a university course for credit must be assigned a letter grade upon completing a course unless they are auditing the course.

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Grading at UVM

Grades are reported and recorded as letter grades. Student grade-point averages (GPA) are calculated from quality point equivalents.

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How can a student determine their grade point average (GPA)?

Grade equivalents in the GPA system and a sample calculation are located off the Registrar's page at this webpage

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How and when do I submit grades for my course?

All final grades will be processed using the UVM Registrars online system.

Submitting grades online is part of the Banner Student Information System (SIS). We hope that the process will be self-explanatory but we’ve also created a Step-by-step Instruction Guide for your reference. We encourage you to review the guide before entering any grades. You are required to complete your grade submission online within 72 hours from your scheduled course final.

Continuing Education is pleased to guide you through this process should you need further assistance contact (802) 656-2085. You can also contact the UVM Registrar directly at (802) 656-2045.

Please remember that changes to student enrollment that used to be noted on the grade sheets should now be processed using the improved class roster features which are also available via the Banner system.

Grades for a course must be submitted online via the Faculty Grade Assignment channel of myUVM within 72 hours after the final examination for the course. All projects due for the course have to be completed prior to the end date of the course. There are no exceptions to this. By not submitting a grade by this date, it puts the University in a compliance issue and students at risk for losing financial aid when grades are not submitted.

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How are grades processed?


Instructors are responsible for entering grades within 72 hours after the final exam for their course. It can take approximately two to three weeks from the end of finals for grades to become official, however, students are able to view grades through their MyUVM portal the day after they have been entered.

After the grading deadline, the grading portal shuts down and all students with missing grades are assigned administrative F's. Instructors must submit a grade change request to fix any F's.

It is important to note that all coursework for a given semester must be completed and graded by the time grades close. No projects, papers, etc. should be assigned with due dates after the 72 hour grading period.

If you have any questions about grading, please call us at (802) 656-2085.


WinterSession instructors will receive an email from CE detailing the time period during which you will be able to enter grades. As WinterSession is technically considered part of spring term, any grades that are not entered during the WinterSession grading window will remain missing until the end of spring term. Student grades for WinterSession will NOT be available until the end of Spring semester. As with Summer, Spring and Fall, during WinterSession, nothing should be assigned with a due date outside the dates for a course. All work for a course must be completed before the final exam or last day of class.

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How and when can students check their grades?

Students can begin checking their grades following finals, though grades may not be completely processed and loaded until two weeks after the completion of finals. To access their student record, students must sign in via the Student Information System (SIS).

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What should I know about grade inflation?

If you are interested in reading more about University perspectives on grade inflation please click here.

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How and when do students evaluate my course and teaching?

For on-campus, face-to-face, and distance courses, students will be emailed a link to an online instructor evaluation by the last day of classes according to the academic calendar. This email will go to their UVM email accounts, which is an important detail to share with them. Students will be given up to 72 hours after the last scheduled final for the semester to complete the course evaluation.

Evaluations are taken very seriously by Continuing Education and academic departments. Continuing Education does rely on student use of UVM email to administer evaluations, so please ensure you mention this in your class.

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How do I administer course/instructor evaluations?

Instructions for evaluation administration will be sent to students' UVM email accounts by the last day of classes according to the academic calendar. If you have questions, please contact Continuing Education

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When can I access course/instructor evaluation results?

Approximately four (4) weeks after your course is complete, evaluation data will be compiled and processed. You will receive your evaluation data via your UVM email account.

The following people can view evaluation results for an instructor: the academic department chair, an academic dean, departmental administrative assistants, Continuing Education Curriculum Planners, and the instructor themselves.

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Can I see evaluation data from past semesters and courses?

You are welcome to view all evaluation data on file from courses you have taught in past semesters. Please contact Continuing Education to request this data. Please allow a minimum of one week for retrieval of data. In your request, please identify:

  • Term(s) of Course(s) (i.e. Fall 2007)
  • Course code(s)
  • Course Registration Number(s) (CRN)

We will send your evaluations to your UVM email account.

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