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How and when do students register?

The Registrar's page has the current registration schedule available.

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What is instructor permission and how do I grant it?

Instructor Permission (IP) is necessary for part-time students to obtain in order to register for a day section course prior to the open enrollment period during the academic year.

In order to grant instructor permission in the Banner student system, instructors must do what's called an Instructor Override. To grant an override, go to the UVM Portal Page and follow these steps:

  • Step One: Click on Faculty Registration Override and More
  • Step Two: Log in using your ID and pin. Contact the Registrar with any questions.
  • Step Three: Select Faculty Menu
  • Step Four: Select Registration Overrides
  • Step Five: Select Term
  • Step Six: Fill in the following information:

As you can see, you will need the student's ID number in order to do this. Once you've completed these steps, you must contact the student to confirm they are able to register. The override allows the student restriction to be lifted and enables the student to register for the course, but a student  MUST REGISTER THEMSELVES; you cannot perform this function as the instructor.

Can I remove instructor permission?
Please contact a to inquire about this situation.

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Do students have academic advisors?

For all Continuing Education students (those who are not yet matriculated into a specific program within a college), their advisors are located at the Dean's Office for Continuing Education, 322 South Prospect Street. Please direct your student to call (802)656-2085 or 1-800-639-3210 to speak to an advisor.

Once a student is accepted and matriculated into a program, they are then assigned an academic advisor within their particular college. This advisor is the student's advocate for adding/withdrawing courses, changing their course schedule, and anything having to do with their academic schedule.

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How can I check enrollment and see who is in my class?

You are able to monitor course enrollments after the start of the registration period by accessing the following tools. FIRST, you must activate your UVM netID in order to use the following tools:

  1. TOOL #1: My UVM Once you log in please look for the "faculty" tab. Then go to "Teaching" and look for "Class Roster: View Roster."
  2. TOOL #2: My UVM Once you log in please look for the "faculty" tab. Then go to the "Faculty Registration Tools" and look for "Enrollment Reports - Current" and select the semester you are looking for, and then find the course.
  3. Within My UVM you can also access, but not limited to, the following:
    1. Access blackboard
    2. Enter an expanded section description for your course
    3. Submit grades, change grade requests or incompletes
    4. Access Advisees' Records
  4. TOOL #3: During the summer time please look for your weekly email (going to your UVM account) from CE telling you the current enrollment update of the course.

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How can I communicate with the students in my class?

FIRST, you must activate your UVM netID in order to access the following link.

Email is the optimal way to make initial contact with your students. In order to email all of the students registered for you course, you can log in through My UVM. Once you log in please look for the "faculty" tab. Then go to "Teaching" and look for "Class Roster: View Roster." Review your options available to you.

Once you have activated your network id, you may access your UVM email at

Faculty should always be checking their UVM email account. Faculty can elect to forward their UVM email to another account. This can be done by visiting and clicking on "email forwarding" under the "mail settings" option.

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What if a student asks to audit or take my class for non-credit?

On occasion, students may ask to take your course as:

  • AUDIT: Attend the course regularly but receive no credit and no grade on their transcript. Instructor must approve this status.
  • PASS/NO PASS: Attend the course and meet all requirements. Instructor will not be notified of this status. Option not available to non-degree students.
  • PROFESSIONAL CREDIT: If approached by someone interested in taking your course for non-credit who is uninterested in or does not have the audit option available to them, please contact a Continuing Education Curriculum Planner.

For more information on all student options, please visit the University Online Catalog. You may also direct students to the Registrar's web page for accessing appropriate forms.

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How will I know if my course could be cancelled?

In order to allow students an adequate amount of time to register for another course, Continuing Education will make course cancellation decisions one to two weeks prior to the start date of your course.

There is no standard minimum enrollment at which a course is permitted to run, as the decision is made on a per course basis. We will make every effort to reach you to discuss your course status before making a final decision, so please ensure Continuing Education has accurate contact information for you.

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What administrative resources does Continuing Education provide?

Continuing Education provides instructors of Continuing Education courses access to the following resources at our office located at 322 South Prospect Street:

  • Fax Machine: The number is (802) 656-3891. Please request all fax correspondence to you identified as "CE Instructor" alongside your name to ensure documents make their way to you.
  • Photocopier: Anything larger than 100 copies, we ask that you utilize the Print & Mail Center located at 101C Davis Center.
  • Desk Space: Please call ahead to schedule time for this space at (802) 656-2085.

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How will I know the room assignment for my course?

Classroom assignments are posted in the online course listing section of the Registrar's page, where you can also view your enrollments. It is recommended that you check your room assignment before classes begin in case of any changes.

You also should visit the classroom reserved for your course prior to the first day of class to ensure it will meet your instructional needs. Please refer to DO NOT move into another (apparently) empty classroom.

Room Change Requests
Once a room has been assigned to your course for the upcoming term, switching it to another space is extremely unlikely. The only criteria for which rooms will be changed are:

  • ADA needs of faculty member or student
  • media needs outlined during course build process not met
  • increased capacity needs due to high student enrollment demand
  • other circumstances (please provide details of circumstances)

If you wish to submit a request for a room change, please visit the MyUVM Portal, go to the section marked "Schedule of Courses" and click the link for "Request a Room Change."

Interactive Television
If you are teaching your course via interactive television, you will be contacted to discuss site logistics and practice sessions.

For a complete list of media contained in your classroom, please consult

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What do I do about parking?

Faculty who wish to park on the UVM campus and don't currently have a parking permit will need to purchase one. Please bring your contract letter, license and registration to UVM Transportation and Parking Services. They can be reached at 802-656-8686.

Please be advised that University Transportation and Parking has recently contacted Continuing Education regarding use of visitors' spots behind 322 South Prospect Street. The visitor spots at CE are designated by University Transportation and Parking for any person who is not registered or pre-registered for classes and is not employed or temporarily employed by the University. If we issue visitor passes for any person who is a student, or an employee at any level in the University, we are at risk of losing our visitor spots.

If you do not have a minimum of a white parking pass, parking remains available on the street, as well as metered parking at the far side of the 322 South Prospect St. lot, closest to Blundell House.

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What support does UVM provide?

Several offices across campus are available to support you:

  • Continuing Education provides basic help navigating UVM systems, particularly related to obtaining course rosters, expense reimbursement, and using PeopleSoft.
  • The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) provides instructional design and delivery support for online courses as well as instructors pursuing innovative course delivery methods.
  • Computing and Information Technology (CIT) provides general technological support throughout UVM as well as access to software downloads and other benefits.
  • Bailey Howe Library allows you to make course reserves available for students, identify specific course-related materials for check-out, access instructional computer labs for library skills and research, check-out media equipment, and access films (videos and DVDs).
  • Print and Mail Services can assist you with design, printing, copying, and mailing needs.

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What resources are available to help me deal with a difficult classroom situations or students?

The University of Vermont has many resources available to you and your students in situations of personal trauma, campus happenings, and interpersonal conflicts. Click here for some helpful tips and a list of campus advocacy offices.

Also, you can always consult with a Continuing Education Curriculum Planner for general referrals and/or have your student contact a Continuing Education Student Advisor.

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Teaching Assistants & Course Expenses

Requests for Teaching Assistants and all other course expenses require pre-approval by CDE Finance These expenses and fees must be submitted prior to the opening date of registration for each semester. Please include a detailed itemization of the fees and expenses.

Examples of proposed expenses include photocopying beyond $30.00, field trips, guest lecturer honoraria, teaching assistants, and lab/program fee expenses. Some general guidelines for each of these expenses are as follows:

  • All approved course expenses depend on sufficient course enrollments.
  • All receipts for expenses and fees must be submitted to CDE Finance (please contact for more information).
  • Requests for expense reimbursement need to be submitted within 2 weeks of course completion.
  • Travel Course expenses need to be submitted within 20 business days of the travel return date, whichever is sooner.
  • Lab fee requests on CDE courses need prior approval through the same process. This also applies to department fees.
  • You will be notified by CDE on the approval status of your expense and fee requests. Approved expenses will be reimbursed according to University guidelines.
  • For information regarding a Teaching Assistant please contact
  • Course expenses not supported by CDE: Food, faculty/student text books, parking permits, and CatCards.
  • Any questions, please contact (802) 656-2085.
Download the Continuing and Distance Education (CDE) Teaching Assistant Request Form
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