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Please utilize this appendix as a checklist and go through each item to ensure a successful experience in your course for yourself and your students.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns at or by calling CDE at (802) 656-2085.

  • Activate UVM E-mailIf you have not done so already, please activate your UVM email address.  Important information pertaining to your course will be distributed to you via your UVM email address.  Be sure to monitor your UVM email account often. Go to and follow the prompts to activate your NetID.  Once this step is complete, you may access your UVM email at


    • Faculty can also elect to forward their UVM email to another account.  This can be done by visiting
    •  and clicking on “email forwarding” under the “mail settings” option.
  • Faculty Payroll:  If you have not been paid by UVM in the last year, please contact CDE Finance at or via phone at (802) 656-2085, in order to complete the necessary payroll paperwork.

    CDE instructor payments are issued on the 15th and 30th of the month during the duration of your course. 
    Faculty salaries for independent studies and variable credit courses are calculated based on credits taught.  Faculty will be asked to confirm via email credits taught for each independent study/variable credit course.  First checks for these courses are issued the first pay cycle after the last day to withdraw has passed. 

    Paychecks may be delayed in cases of late added courses or late changes to courses.

    Other payment information specific to each term is listed below.

    Winter Session Winter session courses are paid in one installment on January 15.
    Spring Semester Semester-long courses are paid beginning January 30 and ending May 15.  First
    checks for shorter courses are issued the first pay cycle on or after the course start date.
    Fall Semester Semester-long courses are paid beginning September 15 and ending December 15.  First
    checks for shorter courses are issued the first pay cycle on or after the course start date.
    Summer Session First checks for all courses are issued the first pay cycle on or after the course start date. 
    The first possible summer payroll is May 30.  The last summer payroll is August 15.
  • Academic Year Exam Period: Final in-class exams for all classes, will be held during the exam period established by the university calendar.  No exam (regular or final) shall be given during the last five instructional days of and academic year semester except lab exams given in courses with specific lab sections.  The time and place of each final exam are determined by the registrar under the direction of the Faculty Senate and a schedule is circulated and posted. You are responsible for complying with the UVM catalogue in regards to exams.  Please refer to the latest catalogue here:  


  • The CDE Faculty Center web pages are designed to be a supportive tool for those teaching for Continuing and Distance Education. Our goal is to provide the most current and useful information in planning, delivering and evaluating courses.  Please visit
  • Log onto the myUVM portal pagesometimes referred to as the “faculty dashboard.”   This portal is very important and will help you to become familiar with all of the options available to instructors. Log in here:
    • Video Guides:  Get a quick look at how the faculty dashboard in the myUVM portal works including single click access to your roster and how to email your class sections using your local mail client.  BROWSE ALL VIDEOS
  • Expanded Section Descriptions: Faculty need to post Expanded Section Descriptions for their courses. Expanded Section Descriptions (ESDs) provide a more in depth description of courses than is possible in the brief twenty-five word course descriptions in the University Catalog. This information will help students make informed choices. The ESDs will be available via link from the course listings in the Schedule of Courses. The development of ESDs was a collaborative effort of the Faculty Senate, the Provost's Office, the Registrar's Office, the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Student Government Association. Watch a tutorial on how to post Expanded Section Descriptions
  • Syllabus:  A syllabus, also recommended, includes all of the information in the expanded section description, but goes beyond it to include more detailed information and lengthier descriptions.  The syllabus is an expansion of the ESD (weekly schedule, description of assignments, grading policies, etc.).  Please send syllabi to the CDE Faculty Center email address  Please be sure to label your files so that we can match and post to your course on the registration site.  For example: subject_course number_CRN.
  • Room Assignment:  Check your classroom assignment well in advance of the start of your course by going to the Registrar’s website at  For a complete list of media contained in your classroom, please consult  Once the Registrar's Office assign the meeting room, an e-mail will be sent to you.   If the room does not meet your needs you will have the opportunity to send a “room change”  request  through the myUVM faculty dashboard.  Room change form can be found under the “resources” tab.


  • Course Changes: No changes to course dates and times are permitted after registration opens.


  • How to give a student a registration overrideIt may be necessary at times to give a student a registration override.  An override is a very important part of the role of faculty and critical to students trying to access your course.  Please monitor your UVM email so that you can correspond with students timely.  Override instructions found here:
  • Student Grades:  Grades for a course must be submitted online via the Faculty Grade Assignment channel of myUVM within 72 hours after the final examination for the course (or the last day of the course if an examination is not given).  All projects due for the course have to be completed prior to the end date of the course.  There are no exceptions to this.  If a grade is not submitted by this date, it puts the University in a compliance issue and students at risk for losing financial aid. For instructions on submitting grades electronically, please refer to


  • UVM Credit Hour Criteria:  Policies and general information regarding the “definition of a credit hour” can be found here credit hour criteria.
  • Course EvaluationsAll credit course evaluations are administered online. Students enrolled in your course will receive an email link to the course instructor evaluation at the end of the semester. Evaluation data will be sent to you approximately 4 weeks after the semester ends via your UVM email address.  NOTE: Summer session course data will be mailed to you in September (due to the numerous start and end dates that occur in the summer).


  • CATcard:  This card is needed to check out books or other materials from the library.  Please bring your contract letter to the UVM CATcard office in order to get your CATcard (photo ID card).  Additional information can be found at  Instructors will be able to obtain a card one week prior to the start date of the course.
  • Library Services:  Electronic reserve readings may be created through the Bailey Howe Library.  Go to the library website, locate “Services” and click on "For Faculty.”  There are many relevant topics under “Classroom Support” for your consideration.
  • UVM Payroll:  All new and existing employees can view and update their personal information in our Human Resources system (PeopleSoft) online by following the instructions at the following link:  You can view paychecks, sign up for direct deposit, change your address and more. The Payroll Department encourages all employees to set-up direct deposit. Faculty checks that are not direct deposited are sent to 322 South Prospect, Burlington, VT for pick up. Please contact: for more questions regarding your paycheck.


  • I-9 Federal Regulation:  I-9 payroll paperwork for faculty, guest lecturers or TA’s must be completed prior to the start date of your work.  
  • Teaching Assistants & Course Expenses:  Requests for Teaching Assistants and all other course expenses require pre-approval by CDE Finance These expenses and fees must be submitted prior to the opening date of registration for each semester. Please include a detailed itemization of the fees and expenses.

Examples of proposed expenses include photocopying beyond $30.00, field trips, guest lecturer honoraria, teaching assistants, and lab/program fee expenses.  Some general guidelines for each of these expenses are as follows:

    • All approved course expenses depend on sufficient course enrollments.
    • All receipts for expenses and fees must be submitted to CDE Finance (please contact for more information).
    • Requests for expense reimbursement need to be submitted within 2 weeks of course completion.
    • Travel Course expenses need to be submitted within 20 business days of the travel return date, whichever is sooner.
    • Lab fee requests on CDE courses need prior approval through the same process.  This also applies to department fees.
    • You will be notified by CDE on the approval status of your expense and fee requests.  Approved expenses will be reimbursed according to University guidelines.
    • For information regarding a Teaching Assistant please contact
    • Course expenses not supported by CDE: Food, faculty/student text books, parking permits, and CatCards.
    • Any questions, please contact (802) 656-2085. Download the Continuing and Distance Education (CDE) Teaching Assistant Request Form


  • Faculty Led Programs Abroad (FLPA) and Semester Abroad Courses:  If your course will be held out of the country or in another state, please review terms and conditions posted on the Office of International Education (OIE) web site.  You are responsible for complying with guidelines set forth by UVM’s Risk Management office:


  • You are responsible for complying with UVM's sexual harassment policy, which can be found here:  If you have never completed the Preventing Sexual Harassment and Bias training for new employees, please contact the Office of Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity (AAEO) at 802-656-3368 for information regarding this training. 
  • Promoting Personal Safety:  The Personal Safety Response Team works to support the University’s goal of a safe and healthy work environment.  Call 911 from a campus phone to reach UVM Police Services.  For more information and additional resources visit
  • Online Instruction via Blackboard:  The online learning management system at UVM is available to all instructors who are teaching a course.  A Blackboard space will be setup automatically for you to post materials and to communicate with students.  The Blackboard log in page can be found here

If you are teaching an online or hybrid course, a course space will automatically become available to you in Blackboard. If you would like to have a course shell applied to your course space, please contact us.  The Friday prior to the start of your course we ask that you make your course available to enrolled students. Once your course is made available you can notify students via email or via a Course Announcement that the course is available.  Students will then be able to log into Blackboard and get started with the course.  Blackboard support for students and instructors is available by clicking on Help at the top of the Blackboard log in page at  Instructor support for online course conversion, media development and other technical aspects is also available.  Please call (802) 656-2085 with any questions.  The UVM Center for Teaching and Learning has extensive resources available for faculty. Two such resources that you may find helpful are:

Please note: If you have two sections of the same course in blackboard, but decide to collapse them into one course, your salary will change to a one-course salary rather than a two course salary.
If you are a new instructor, you will need to set up a UVM NetID and be activated in the UVM payroll system.  If you need assistance obtaining a UVM NetID, please call CDE at (802) 656-2085.

  • ParkingInstructors who wish to park on the UVM campus and do not have a parking permit will need to purchase one.  Please bring your contract letter, license and registration to UVM Transportation and Parking Services at 38 Fletcher Place, Burlington (side street, Fletcher Place, is located near UVM Trinity Campus).  General information can be found at or by phone at (802) 656-8686.


  • Parking at Continuing & Distance Education 322 South Prospect St.:  If you do not own a UVM parking pass (a minimum of a white parking pass), you will not be allowed to park in the lot behind this building.  All parking is managed and designated by University Transportation & Parking Services.  Visitor parking is available on the street, as well as metered parking at the far side of the 322 South Prospect St. lot, closest to Blundell House. 
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