Final application deadline
October 1, 2014.


“I became interested in UVM’s SLPA program after working with many fabulous SLPs. The field fascinated me and UVM’s SLPA program offered a great way for me to get some pre-requisites for the graduate program completed as well as providing a pay raise upon completion in my current position as a speech assistant. I work full time, am a single parent running a household by myself and did not have the option of driving to a campus for courses. Logistically, the program worked. Working as a speech assistant while taking courses in the field complimented each other. I was able to take some work challenges and learn about ways to become a better teacher to my students. I also was able to immediately apply what I learned in my courses in my position at school. This program challenged me to be better organized and disciplined, which helps in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend UVM’s SLPA program to those who want to continue on to graduate school and for those who wish to be a speech assistant. The instructors are of a high caliber and I found them to be responsive to my questions and needs. Do it and you won’t regret it!”

“The University of Vermont’s Speech Language Pathologist’s Assistant’s program laid the foundation for me to be able to continue my studies in the Speech and Language field. It not only covered many of the pre-requisites I needed for entry into a graduate program, it provided me with hands-on experience. This was an excellent well-supported program with very skilled insightful instructors. I also can work as a SLPA, while I am obtaining my masters. I would recommend this program to those interested in pursuing a career speech pathology.”

“The SLPA program has provided me with great knowledge which I carry over with my students,” she says. “By better understanding where some of the challenges come from, it helps me help them.” Sonya adds, “I am very happy to be part of this program and would strongly recommend it to anyone working in the SLPA field.”

“The program at UVM this year was an excellent opportunity of bringing together my education and hands-on experience of being an SLPA. The learning that I have done helps me to better serve the students and families in Grand Isle School.”