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SLPA Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have never taken an online class before. How can I learn more about Blackboard?

A: Please go this link: http://help.blackboard.com/student/index.htm and click on Table of Contents, in the lower left corner. The “Blackboard Learn Environment” in particular will give you a good general introduction to how Blackboard works.

Q: I”m sure the instructor has some criteria for preparing assignments. How do I know what to expect, and how much time should I prepare to spend on this course each week?

A: Each course instructor will state all of their requirements in the course syllabus. Other criteria for posting completed assignments and time estimates for doing the work may be found in this document: Guideline for Working Online.

Q: Does completion of this program leave me with a license?

A: No, there is currently no licensure for SLPA’s. You will be given a certificate of completion, which documents that you took UVM courses totaling 21 credits, and completed 25 observation hours plus at least 100 clinical fieldwork hours.

The American Speech/Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) is currently reviewing possibilities for national certification for SLPA’s, but at present there is no national certification available. Please check with your own state’s Department of Education for their requirements for SLPA training. Currently each state is responsible for deciding their own requirements.

Q: I am a military spouse. Does UVM offer myCAA benefits?

A: No, UVM does not offer these benefits. The Registrar’s office is investigating this possibility, but there is no way to know how soon, if at all, it will be offered.

Q: I am a veteran. Will the GI bill cover my tuition for this program?

A: No, you would need to be a full time student in a degree‐granting program for the GI bill to cover the tuition for this program. You will only be a part‐time student, and although these courses will all be listed on your UVM transcript, it is not a degree program.

Q: I took some communication science courses at another institution. Can I transfer them into your program?

A: We can accept up to 3 transfer credits, for one of the electives. You will need to submit a full syllabus for the department to review, in order to ensure that the course matches one of UVM’s courses.

Q: Is this an accredited program?

A: UVM is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). The courses you will take through this program are 3‐credit undergraduate courses, transferrable at the discretion of the receiving institution.

Q: I already have a bachelors’ degree in communication sciences. Can I skip some of the required courses and/or clinical work?

A: If you already have completed many of these courses and/or clinical work, we suggest you concentrate on finishing the requirements for a Masters degree, and go on to become a licensed Speech Language Pathologist. Our program is not designed for students who have already completed a BA or BS in Communication Sciences. However, on a space available basis, you may be able to take some of our online courses that serve as pre‐requisites for graduate programs.

For more information about the UVM Communication Sciences graduate programs, please call (802) 656‐3861, or e‐mail communication.sciences@uvm.edu.

Q: What financial aid is available for the SLPA program?

A: If you are intending to enroll in the SLPA non-degree program, and are a Vermont resident, you may apply to the Vermont Student Assistance Office, which has limited funds for non-degree students. You may also want to check out alternative loan sources, such as banks. There are also some limited scholarship possibilities through Continuing Education. If you work for a school, you may want to inquire if they will help cover any of the tuition for this program. Out of state students should investigate similar resources in their own state for loans or scholarships.

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