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for Spring 2015.

Final application deadline
October 1, 2014.

Program Overview


Official transcripts showing successful completion of a Bachelor’s Degree and minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 are required as part of the admission package.

The course sequence for Speech Language Pathology Assistants (SLPAs) requires the completion of 21 credits (7 courses), with 15 credits being academically-based and 6 credits concentrating on clinical practice.

Prior to commencing the clinical coursework students will gain 25 hours of observation by an American Speech, Language & Hearing Association (ASHA) certified speech-language pathologist.

In addition, 100 hours of clinical practice, under the direct supervision of an ASHA certified speech-language pathologist, will be accrued in combination with the clinical practicum coursework.

Throughout the program, students will maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. Should a student’s cumulative GPA fall below 2.5, they will be placed on academic trial until such time as their GPA improves. If the GPA remains below 2.5 by the time a student is ready to take CSD 125 or 126, they will not be allowed to engage in clinical work until their GPA improves, and dismissal from the program could result.

Throughout the course of the program, students will compile documents and artifacts to be included in a portfolio that demonstrates learning and understanding of the role of Speech Language Pathology Assistants in schools. A completed portfolio will be graded as part of the clinically-based coursework at the completion of the program.

Transfer Credits

Students may request a transfer of 3 credits (1 course) that is comparable to a course in the sequence. The Program Coordinator will determine whether or not a course outside the sequence meets the expectations for the program.

Financial Aid

If you are intending to enroll in the SLPA non-degree program, and are a Vermont resident, you may apply to the Vermont Student Assistance Office, which has limited funds for non-degree students. You may also want to check out alternative loan sources, such as banks. There are also some limited scholarship possibilities through Continuing Education. If you work for a school, you may want to inquire if they will help cover any of the tuition for this program. Out of state students should investigate similar resources in their own state for loans or scholarships.

Required Courses

The required courses for the Sequence for School-Based Speech-Language Pathology Assistants are as follows:

  • CSD 020: Introduction to Disordered Communication
  • CSD 022: Introduction to Phonetics
  • CSD 094: Development of Spoken Language (Pre-requisite for M.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders)
  • CSD 125: Clinical Experience/Becoming an SLPA
  • CSD 126: Clinical Experience/Supporting Children with Communication Disorders
  • LING 081: Structure of English Language

Elective Courses

Additionally, one of the following courses is required as an elective:

  • CSD 023: Beginning Linguistics or LING 80: Introduction to Linguistics. (Students completing the Pre-requisites for the M.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders must take either one of these two.)
  • CSD 101: Speech & Hearing Science. (Pre-requisite for M.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders)
  • CSD 271: Introduction to Audiology
  • CSD 299: Autism Spectrum Disorders: Assessment and Intervention. Please note: this course is offered via video-stream on a designated day and time

Course Availability/Delivery

Courses in the Speech-Language Pathology Assistant sequence are offered asynchronously online during the spring, summer and fall terms to meet the needs of working individuals. See what is currently being offered here.

Time Required to Complete the Speech-Language Pathology Assistants Course Sequence

  • This program runs from Spring term to Spring term, with a four semester commitment, and takes 17 months to complete.
  • Two courses are taken simultaneously in three out of four semesters.
  • Courses must be taken in the sequence in which they are offered. The course sequence must be completed within a two year period.
  • All of the courses are offered online, asynchronously, with the exception of CSD 299-this course is offered via video-stream on a designated day and time.

Information Regarding the Bachelors programs in Speech Language Pathology:

If you are interested in pursuing a BA or BS in Speech Language Pathology please see Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders website website for information about these programs and the application process.

Information Regarding the Masters in Speech Language Pathology

If you are interested in pursuing a Masters in Speech Language Pathology upon completion of the Speech Language Pathology Assistants sequence, please see the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders website for information about the graduate program and the application process.

Note: You can be admitted to the graduate program while you are in the process of taking the prerequisite courses below. However, you cannot begin the graduate program with more than two of these courses outstanding. Students will be expected to complete any outstanding pre-requisites in their first year of study, while also maintaining the expected load for graduate school.


Information regarding licensure by both the State of Vermont and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), may be found in the websites below. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to check with your state’s Department of Education for licensure requirements, since they vary from state to state.

ASHA certification

VT State Licensure

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