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Environmental Studies: Careers in Sustainability

ENVS 195 WQ2 (CRN: 14625)

1 Credit Hour

About ENVS 195 WQ2

Intermediate courses of current areas of interest which vary each semester. Topics have included environmental health, energy, regional planning, international studies, literature, ethics, and natural area management. Prerequisite: One of the following: ENVS 001, ENVS 002, NR 001, NR 002, ENSC 001.


Jennifer Green ()


Winter Session Online Course; 12/26/13 - 1/10/14. Open to both CE and Degree students. This course may or may not fulfill degree requirements for UVM students. Please consult with your Dean's Office if you have any questions about applicability of winter session courses toward graduation requirements.

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This one-credit fall session course will provide a glimpse into the potential employment in the sustainability field, with a specific emphasis on municipal employment, while also introducing students to basic information on the core principals and required skills. We'll briefly explore how and why the sector developed, get a solid understanding of what makes sustainability work different from work in other sectors, then dive into some of the most contemporary questions about the field. At the same time, we'll see what it takes to succeed in the sustainability arena, looking closely at organizations and professional positions of interest to students in the class.


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