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English: Sentence Style

ENGS 096 WQ7 (CRN: 14288)

2 Credit Hours

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Nancy Welch ()


Winter Session Online Course: 12/26/13-1/10/14; Open to both CE and Degree students. This course may or may not fulfill degree requirements for UVM students. Please consult with your Dean's Office if you have any questions about applicability of winter session courses toward graduation requirements.

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Section Description

Imagine woodworkers sitting down daily at the bench to experience, and swap lessons about, the art of wood-carving. Now imagine a group of writers sitting down daily to experience the art of crafting sentences, then meeting to share results and draw lessons. If you can imagine yourself among such writers?and to do so, you need not be someone with formal training in grammar or copyediting; you need only love sentences, want to fuss over them and make them sing?consider Sentence Style. This two-credit online Winter Session class features daily writing exercises promoting clarity and flexibility, meaning and mechanics, voice and personality at the sentence level.

Section Expectation

Signing up for the course means committing to writing each day between December 26 and January 10. (It takes daily discipline to create sentences worth fussing over!) Signing up for the course also means pledging to share and discuss exercises with the course?s other sentence stylists. (Writers need readers especially when they?re pushing the boundaries of syntax and style!) Besides these basic commitments, for this course you will need a copy of On Writing Well by William Zinsser (any edition), Hacker and Sommer's A Pocket Style Manual, Sixth Edition, and reliable high-speed Internet access.


Grading for the course will focus on completion of the exercises, the quality of your effort and results, and the quality of participation as you meet online with the course?s other writers to draw lessons about the art of making sentences.


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