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English: Careers and English:What Next?

ENGS 096 WQ5 (CRN: 14286)

1 Credit Hour

About ENGS 096 WQ5

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Susan Marie Harrington ()


Winter Session Online Course: 12/26/13-1/10/14; Sophomore standing or higher; Open to both CE and Degree students. This course may or may not fulfill degree requirements for UVM students. Please consult with your Dean's Office if you have any questions about applicability of winter session courses toward graduation requirements.

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Section Description

Wondering how to make the leap from the English major into a job search? This 1 credit course will ask you to reflect on the knowledge, skills, and abilities nurtured via the study of English. It will provide opportunities for you to use that reflection as you explore ways to apply your talents in careers and the community. You will prepare a portfolio of written materials aimed at job searches, personal development, and academic goal-setting. My goal: successful completion of the course results in your having good strategies for beginning a job search and basic templates for your application materials developed.

Section Expectation

Expect reading and writing for every online module; you will need to participate in discussion forums on Blackboard as well as complete individual written work and probably a group simulation project that mimics job application/interviewing.


Grade is determined by participation in online discussion; submission of written work; participation in group activities.


Course runs from to



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