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Women's & Gender Studies: Global Feminisms

WGST 095 WQ1 (CRN: 14989)

2 Credit Hours

About WGST 095 WQ1

In this course we will study intersections between gender and power on a global scale. We will engage in transnational feminist analyses in our efforts to interpret and understand gendered experiences in both non-western and western cultures. We will study effects of globalization on women, men, children, and the environment, as well as ways in which local, national and international feminist organizing has failed or succeeded in the efforts to achieve universal equality. We will seek to understand how and why global neo-liberal capitalist agendas often have had devastating effects on families and communities in non-western countries. In this process, we will address the roles and responsibilities of world organizations such as the IMF (International Monetary Foundation) and the World Bank as cultures and communities are eroding. We will ask ourselves why First World organizations such as USAID, and sometimes even the UN, are unable to effect! ively bring about positive change. In this context, we will explore and investigate ways in which gender is perceived, treated, and manifested differently along lines of age, class, disabilities, ethnicity, nationality, racialization, sexuality, violence and multiple other social divisions. Topics covered will include human rights/womena??s rights, LGBTQ rights, gender based violence, maternal mortality, women and work, the sex trade, neo-liberal capitalism, third world poverty, religious fundamentalism and extremism, and gendered self-agency.


Annika Ljung-Baruth ()


Open to both CE and Degree students Winter Session Online course Dates: 12/26/12-1/11/13

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