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English: Fiction Fast and Furious

ENGS 096 WQ5 (CRN: 14843)

2 Credit Hours

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Arthur Biddle ()


Winter session online course Open to both UG's and CE students 12/26/12-1/11/13

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Section Description

Stories, stories, stories! Everyone loves to tell them. Everyone loves to read them! In this intensive on-line winter course we'll read stories by classic authors like Hemingway, Faulkner, and Poe. But added to the mix will be some of today's most exciting writers like Amy Tan, Sherman Alexie, Sandra Cisneros, and Jamaica Kincaid. Our emphasis will be on how to study fiction: understanding plot and character; identifying themes and the work's point of view; and perhaps looking at a couple of critical approaches to literary interpretation. But maybe most important of all--enjoying the magic of storytelling.

Section Expectation

The course title says it all--Fiction Fast and Furious. We have only a little over two weeks--11 assignments to be precise--and a lot of ground to cover. You'll have to commit to this course as a full-time job for the duration of the session. Figure on anywhere from 2 to 5 or 6 hours per assignment for reading the stories, posting to the Discussion Board or writing in your journal, and writing three short essays over the duration of the course. And you must have a daily on-line presence in Blackboard. Critical deadline: you must have the textbook in hand before Christmas. If you don't have the book on December 26, you'll have to drop the course. We don't have the time to wait for your book to arrive from Amazon or wherever.


Your course grade will be based on three short Reading Response papers, daily journal writes, and timely participation in the Discussion Board.


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