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Environmental Studies: Politics of Land Use: Ecuador

ENVS 150 WW3 (CRN: 14778)

3 Credit Hours

For crosslists see: GEOG 190 WW1

ENVS 150 WW3 is a travel-study program.

Travel-study courses use a specialized registration schedule and process. Visit the travel-study page to learn more.

About ENVS 150 WW3

Travel study courses examining environmental issues from a local ecological, political, and socioeconomic perspective using experiential learning methods in diverse sites. Prerequisites: ENVS 001 or ENVS 002, or NR 001 or NR 002.


Nicholas Shear ()


Winter Session Travel Course Travel to Ecuador; Program fee $1622 Cross listed with GEOG 190 WW1; Instructor permission; DATES: 12/27/2012-01/11/2013 Open to both CE and degree students

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