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Health: Energy Medicine

HLTH 109 Z1 (CRN: 61004)

3 Credit Hours—Seats Available!

About HLTH 109 Z1

Energy medicine is an integrative, complementary and preventative energy therapy course. The impact of specific concepts, beliefs, patterns, and interventions on the energy system are explored. Pre/co-requisite: HLTH 141.


Kathleen Scacciaferro ()

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July 14-August 8, w/Face to Face meetings on campus dates: July 21 - July 25 in Old Mill John Dewey Lounge 325 online and on campus


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Section Description

The Energy Medicine course will meet in person July 21 - 25, 2014, 9am to 5pm. The Energy Medicine notebook is for sale in the bookstore. Class notes & homework are on Black Board. Homework is due August 3. Course Description: The Energetic Healing Program is an integrative, complementary and preventative therapy in energy medicine that promotes personal transformations and healing with an emphasis on psycho-spirituality. Utilizing a comprehensive energetic assessment and co-creative process, interventions are used to alter energy flow with the intent to heal the body, emotion, mind and spirit, thus achieving optimal health. Each of the 5 parts offered, addresses a specific issue or concept and its impact on the energy system, then explores specific interventions based on the identified need. A safe and trusting environment is provided. This allows participants to share and experience deep holistic healing through group process, providing the opportunity for personal growth as well as how to work with clients. Part 1 ? Clearing the Internal Self The internal self is composed of the physical body, emotions, mind and spirit. Energetic distortions within any of these areas can compromise health. Learn how to perform an in depth assessment of the energy centers, energy field, Hara Line and Core Star and how our energy affects health/illness. Interventions are learned to clear and restore balance in the internal self to prepare for the deeper work of Parts 2-5. Part 2 ? Identifying & Healing Wounds Our lives can be limited by physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual wounds, which are energetically stored from the past. Learn how to release blocks resulting from the wound(s) to become who we are fully meant to be. Part 3 ? Changing Limiting Beliefs Beliefs are stored in the energy field and dramatically influence how we lead our lives. Learn what beliefs are limiting your life and how to change them. Replace old beliefs with new ones that better serve your highest potential. Part 4 ? Changing Relationships Energetically Healthy relationships are a key element in personal well-being. Through assessment, evaluation and treatment of the energy system, learn how to change relationships by changing your energy and free yourself energetic ties that bind. Part 5 ? Reshaping Family Energy Patterns Family dynamics shape our past, our present and our future. Family energetic patterns are explored, assessed and interventions provided to change the ways of connecting between and among family members.

Section Expectation

Course Objectives: The participants will: 1. Describe the human energy system relationship to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances, wounds, limiting beliefs, relationships, and family systems. 2. Assess the impact of wounds, limiting beliefs, relationships, and family systems on the energy field, energy centers, Hara Line and Core Star . 3. Demonstrate specific intervention techniques used in Energy Medicine Parts 1-5. 4. Discuss implications for professional practice. Course Topics: ? Background and framework of how physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances, wounds, limiting beliefs, relationships, and family systems are stored in the energy system. ? Healing Circle, Meditation, Inspiration Cards, Drawings to identify a personal healing need. ? Advanced energetic assessment ? Documentation of energetic assessment. ? Demonstration of Energy Medicine techniques ? Discussion of ways to use Energy Medicine in professional practice.


Course Assignments/Evaluation Methods: 1. Demonstration of Energy Medicine techniques /class participation 50% 2. Completion of homework: a. Documentation of Energy Medicine sessions (Parts 1-5). 10% b. Holistic Health Self-Assessment 10% c. Development of an energetic self-care plan 10% d. Documentation in a self-care journal what you did and didn?t do, what worked, what you noticed energetically about your self especially doing the Hara, Chakra, Core Star Meditations. Ten entries. 20%


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