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Transportation Rsch Ctr: SL: BioEnergy-Biomass-Biofuels

TRC 295 Z1 (CRN: 14731)

4 Credit Hours

For crosslists see: NR 285 Z2 ENSC 285 Z1

About TRC 295 Z1

The " BioEnergy - Biomass to Biofuels " course (DETAILS/WEBSITE: ) will provide hands on experience to prepare the participants of diverse backgrounds for emerging BioEnergy / Biofuels industry, or jobs/ higher-education in this field, or related entrepreneurial endeavors in this area. The TOPICS include: LIQUID BIOFUELS (seed-based biodiesel; bioethanol; conversion of waste oil to biodiesel; advanced biofuels including algae-biofuel & microbial biofuel); SOLID BIOFUELS (wood & grass energy, pelletization), BIOGAS & BIO- ELECTRICITY (the farm-based energy); BIOHEAT, BIOMASS CONVERSION TECHNOLOGIES FOR BIOFUEL, BIOFUELS/ENERGY RELATED ENVIRONMENTAL, ECONOMICS, & SOCIAL ISSUES; OTHER wide-range of Biofuels related science & technology topics, background & literature. Various means of instruction will be utilized: A) ON CAMPUS CLASSES: BY UVM FACULTY MEMBERS and TALKS BY GUEST SPEAKERS / EXPERTS from BioEnergy businesses/organizations; B) HANDS ON FIELDWORK & SERVICE LEARNING - involving tours to Farms/Biofuel facilities & related projects; service learning projects in partnership with bioenergy community partners (only for 4 credit program). C) BIOFUELS EQUIPMENT DEMONSTRATIONS by professionals; D) ONLINE: supplementary classes/information including videos and discussions ia blackboard tool. COURSE CREDITS: 4 credits (Certificate of Achievement) : on-campus lectures w/access to Blackboard materials, hands on in-lab & field trip sessions, service learning project in partnership with a community leader, Certificate of Achievement awarded on successful completion of 4 credit. 3 credits: same as 4 credit except NO service learning project. 2 credits: same as 4 credit except NO in-lab & field trips & NO service learning project [note: 3 & 2 credits only through ENSC 285]. Contact Lead Instructor, Anju Dahiya at for questions.


Anju Dahiya (), Sidney Bosworth () and Heather Darby ()

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Cross listed with ENSC 285 Z1 & NR 285 Z2; Open to both CE and Degree students; Lab fee: $50; Contact Lead Instructor, Anju Dahiya with any questions concerning the course by email at; Thursday, March 27th from 9 am to 12 noon there will be a lab in the Rubenstein Lab Room #207 adjoined to the Echo Center at the Waterfront; Students are responsible for getting themselves to the Echo Center via public transportation. The best way is to come down College Street from Waterman or the Hospital to the Waterfront, and then enter the lab by the loading dock in the back of the lab adjoined to the Echo Center Service Learning

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BIOENERGY - BIOMASS TO BIOFUELS (4, 3, or 2 credits) January 23rd to April 30th 2014 [Note: this is rescheduled start date. The January 13th week is for participants to check out their Blackboard setup - the online tool used in this class]. CONTACT Lead Instructor: Anju Dahiya Click on the course website ( ) to check out BioEnergy course details including syllabus topics, experts, service learning projects done in past, policies etc. and meet with our former students/participants. The "CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT" AWARDED ONLY FOR 4 CREDIT through any of the cross listing: ENSC, NR, or TRC Variable credits through ENSC: 3 credit (same as 4 credit except for NO service learning project) OR 2 credit (2 (same as 4 credit except for NO in-lab & field trips & NO service learning project).

Section Expectation

All classes and field trips are mandatory except for the ones stated as optional. Check with the lead instructor for a makeup class if you cannot attend any class. Required and/or recommended readings: The required and/or recommended readings pertaining to each topic will be posted in the blackboard, and the lead instructor will let know the students about it from time to time. Week-by-Week Reading Rubric will be described in the blackboard. For further details check the course website: or contact the lead instructor at


Grading: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, F There will be 2 essay type assignment(s), topic specific quizzes, reflection in online blackboard discussions, exam, and hands on field-based service learning projects (project only for 4 credit) . For further details check the course website: or contact the lead instructor at


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Hills Agri Sci 226 (View Campus Map)


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to on Thursday



Hills Agri Sci 226 (View Campus Map)


to on Thursday and Friday

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